Pink Ribbon Tournament 2011 - Day 4

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Martin Gould is doing good :-)
Yesterday was the penultimate day of the 2011 Pink Ribbon Tournament, this meaning that things started to get more serious than ever. Fighting for a place into the Last 16, all the players needed to do their best in order to be one step closer to conquer that lovely Pink trophy by the end of Sunday evening.

Among those who have succeeded to qualify for the last day of this event, is this year’s World Championship debutant and Pink Army member, Jimmy Robertson. He defeated Sanderson Lam 4-0 and Peter Lines 4-2 to book himself a place into the Last 16.
As well as him, Martin Gould won the battle against the mighty and ambitious Ben Harrison 4-1 and crashed Chris Norbury 4-0 for a cozy place in the next round, closely followed by Jamie Jones who eliminated two OnQ Promotion lads, Robert Milkins and Gerard Greene by the same scoreline (4-2), but also by Michael White, who won 4-0 over Neil Tomkins and Jack Lisowski.

Jimmy White has sadly lost the match
Mark Joyce had a pretty amazing run as the 2010 UK Championship quarter-finalist, seemed not to have any problems in cashing two consecutive victories, first over Craig Barber 4-1 (by hitting in breaks of 53, 53 and 66) and second over the legendary Jimmy White 4-2.

The two Scots, Higgins and Maguire, succeeded in also booking themselves a place into the Last 16, after John won 4-2 over Ben Harrison and 4-1 over Phil O`Kane (amazing break of 139!) and Stephen defeated Sean O`Sullivan 4-0 and Nick Jennings 4-1.
Wales is proudly represented by Ryan Day, who whitewashed both his opponents, Nick Jennings and James Brown 4-0, while England’s Michael Holt proved he is seriously considering defending his pink title that he won last year, beating the Polish player Kacper Filipiak 4-0 and the QSchool Event 1 graduate, David Grace by the same scoreline.

Michael Holt aiming to defend his title
Until this moment we have the results for the Last 16 and the quarter-finals, so please be sure to take a glance at them and see how are your favorite players doing, but don’t forget that a full report about the winner will be provided here after the Pink Ribbon competition ends (so tonight, or tomorrow morning ... it depends on how fast the final results will be published)

Last 16 results:

Jamie Jones 1-4 Martin Gould
Michael White 4-2 Sydney Wilson
Robert Valiant 1-4 Jhon Higgins
Mark Joyce 4-0 Stephen Maguire
Ben Harrison 3-4 Sam Harvey
Jimmy Robertson 4-1 Shane Castle
Leo Fernandez 0-4 Ryan Day
Michael Holt 4-2 Sean O'Sullivan

Quarter-finals results:

Martin Gould 3-4 Michael White
John Higgins 2-4 Mark Joyce
Sam Harvey 3-4 Jimmy Robertson
Ryan Day 0-4 Michael Holt