PTC Event One 2011 - Day 1

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The brave and ambitious Ben Harrison
The first day of this year’s PTC Event One has mean that the first series of qualification matches took place in the mighty World Snooker Academy from Sheffield. And since the lads had the chance to play a lot of snooker during the Q School and the recently ended Pink Ribbon tournament it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see the stars of these previously mentioned competitions doing pretty well.

Ben Harrison (aka. the new recruit of Pockets Snooker) won his first battle by a thrilling 4-3 over Brian Cox, while Alex Taubman, the player that had a very good performance in Gloucester last week whitewashed Martin Ball 4-0 in his quest for a place along with the heavy names.

A very fearful battle was given between Jak Jones and Kyren Willson, a battle that consumed all of its frames, the final scoreline sending Kyren in the next round with a 4-3 advantage.

Allan "The Assassin" Taylor, a very promising snooker player for this season, succeeded in crushing his first opponent Jonathan Friel 4-0, Nick Jennings ended on a tight 4-3 result the match he played with the powerful Leo Fernandez, Sam Harvey did the same thing against Saqib Nasir, while the Englishman Mann ... Michel Mann defeated James Hill 4-0.
Unfortunately the competition experienced a first withdrawal, one of Germany’s top players Lasse Munstermann pulling out of the event.

Here are Day 1 results:

From 5pm
1. Hammad Miah 2 - 4 Oliver Lines
2. Ian Stark 4 - 0 Sachin Plaha
3. Jak Jones 3 - 4 Kyren Wilson
4. Stephen Ellis 1 - 4 Kishan Hirani
5. Joel Walker 4 - 0 Dessie Sheehan
6. Brian Cox 3 - 4 Ben Harrison
7. Alex Taubman 4 - 0 Martin Ball
8. George Marter 1 - 4 Martin O'Donnell

Not before 6.30pm
9. Jonathan Friel 0 - 4 Allan Taylor
10. Shahram Changezi 4 - 2 Bash Maqsood
11. Declan Bristow 2 - 4 Darren Bond
12. James Murdoch 4 - 1 Callum Lloyd
13. Gareth Allen 4 - 0 Sydney Wilson
14. Chen Zhe 4 - 1 James Silverwood 
15. Shaun Wilkes 4 - 1 Lee Richardson
16. Grzegorz Biernadski 3 - 4 Lewis Frampton

Not before 7.30pm
17. Lee Page 4 - 0 Terry Buchan
18. Lasse Munstermann w/d v w/o Steve Judd
19. John Sutton 4 - 1 Phil O'kane
20. James Hill 0 - 4 Mitchell Mann
21. Sam Harvey 4 - 3 Saqib Nasir
22. Leo Fernandez 3 - 4 Nick Jennings

The second day of the qualifiers will be a longer one. Below you can check the schedule:

From 9am
23. Liam Monk v. Marc Davis
24. Andy Lee v. David Birley
25. David Bailey v. Michael Wild
26. Zhang Anda v. Ryan Causton
27. Steven Hallworth v. Matthew Day
28. Christopher Keogan v. Reanne Evans
29. Ian Glover v. Tony Knowles
30. James Frith w/o v. w/d Joe Delaney

Not before 11am
31. Sean Riach v. Andrew Milliard
32. Damian Wilks v. Oliver Brown
33. Craig Steadman v. Callum Downing
34. Elliot Slessor v. Rock Hui
35. Mike Hallett v. Duane Jones
36. Jordan Rimmer v. Steve Ventham
37. Zak Surety v. Lee Farebrother
38. Robert Tickner v. Jamie Barrett

Not before 1pm
39. Mohammed Raoof v. David Gray
40. Robert Valiant v. Les Dodd
41. Michal Zielinski v. John Woods
42. Gary Wilson v. Hans Blanckaert
43. James Cahill v. Christopher Norbury
44. Michael Judge v. Farakh Ajaib
45. Andrew Rogers v. Jake Nicholson
46. Jack Bradford v. Justin Astley

Not before 3pm
47. Mitchell Travis v. Oliver Lines
48. Ian Stark v. Kyren Wilson
49. Brian Robertson v. Kishan Hirani
50. Joel Walker v. Ben Harrison
51. Shane Castle v. Alex Taubman
52. Ian Burns v. Martin O'Donnell
53. Allan Taylor v. Shahram Changezi
54. Billy Joe Castle v. Darren Bond

Not before 5pm
55. James Murdoch v. Gareth Allen
56. Jamie O'Neill v. Chen Zhe
57. Shaun Wilkes v. Lewis Frampton
58. Michael Wasley v. Lee Page
59. Steve Judd v. John Sutton
60. Gareth Green v. Mitchell Mann
61. Robbie Williams v. Sam Harvey
62. James Welsh v. Nick Jennings

Not before 7pm
63. Liam Monk v. Andy Lee
64. Michael Wild v. Zhang Anda
65. Jamie Walker v. Matthew Day
66. Reanne Evans v. Ian Glover
67. James Mcgouran v. James Frith
68. Andrew Milliard v. Damian Wilkes.
69. Ashley Wright v. Craig Steadman
70. Elliott Slessor v. Mike Hallett

Not before 9pm
71. Sean O'Sullivan v. Jordan Rimmer
72. Lee Farebrother v. Jamie Barrett
73. Patrick Wallace w/d v. w/o David Gray
74. Kristian Willetts v. Les Dodd

75. Michal Zeilinski v. Gary Wilson

76. Danny Brindle v. Christopher Norbury
77. Eden Sharav v. Farakh Ajaib
78. Andrew Rogers v. Justin Astley
*please note that all hours are UK time

See you tonight for the latest news and comments! :-)