PTC Event One 2011 - engines are running

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Mark Williams 2010PTC Event 1 champ
While most of the snooker fans I know are absolutely horrified of the new "short format" for the UK Championship (and just to be clear on that, I don’t like it either, but at the end of the day we are still buried in this damn economic crises), the 2011/2012 season is ready to start. And with a very wise innovation of Barry Hearn’s - the Players Tour Championship.

A year ago, I was just hunting for the scorelines (it was, back then) not realizing how huge these type of events will become. Hell, I didn’t even have the blog running and kicking! :-)) Time flies when you’re having a good time and you’re in love (with snooker!), so a year after I’m in the position of covering the PTC Event One.

It seems like most of the players finally got it: they need to enter these events and they really have to play good, in order to maintain that place in the snooker "charts" (aka. the mighty ranking TOP) or maybe improve their position. Clever!
That’s why the first event needs pre-qualifying rounds, rounds that will take place on June 18th and June 19th. However, World Snooker has announced that the live scoring system will start "tormenting" us (I say this because it’s not very pleasing to hit F5 constantly) on Monday, when the competition will start properly. Now, I don’t thisk that’s quite fair ... but at least our beloved snooker season is ready to start, right? Oh, come on, show some emotions! :-))

Last year the first player to conquer the PTC Event One trophy was the "Welsh Potting Machine", Mark Williams. Let’s see if he can keep up with the hungry lads this year ... and this applies to all of the other snooker stars, because this season will surely be a genuine "battle of cues".
Below you can check today’s schedule:

From 5pm
1. Hammad Miah v. Oliver Lines
2. Ian Stark v. Sachin Plaha
3. Jak Jones v. Kyren Wilson
4. Stephen Ellis v. Kishan Hirani
5. Joel Walker v. Dessie Sheehan
6. Brian Cox v. Ben Harrison
7. Alex Taubman v. Martin Ball
8. George Marter v. Martin O'Donnell

Not before 6.30pm
9. Jonathan Friel v. Allan Taylor
10. Shahram Changezi v. Bash Maqsood
11. Declan Bristow v. Darren Bond
12. James Murdoch v. Callum Lloyd
13. Gareth Allen v. Sydney Wilson
14. Chen Zhe v. James Silverwood
15. Shaun Wilkes v. Lee Richardson
16. Grzegorz Biernadski v. Lewis Frampton

Not before 7.30pm
17. Lee Page v. Terry Buchan
18. Lasse Munstermann v. Steve Judd
19. John Sutton v. Phil O'kane
20. James Hill v. Mitchell Mann
21. Sam Harvey v. Saqib Nasir
22. Leo Fernandez v. Nick Jennings
*please note that all hours are UK time

See you tomorrow for the first scorelines. Oh... and best of luck to all the players! :-)