PTC Event One 2011 - Ronnie rocks victoriously

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Ronnie O'Sullivan wins 2011 PTC 1
After two days of qualifications and three more of intense cue action, the time has come to pick ourselves a champion. The name of the man that made it happen is Ronnie O'Sullivan, the three-time world champion and "not in such a great form" last season player. Breaking through the ice, the man from Essex succeeded in taking down all his opponents, one by one, in order to win the Players Tour Championship Event One.

Last year, he came very near to win himself one of the six PTC events, but he sadly lost in the final against Barry Pinches. However, this time things were different, so different that the Rocket performed a whitewash on poor Joe Perry, who really had a marvelous run during this event. All things considered and as O'Sullivan said "Everyone was rusty.", one must never underestimate his talent and his ambition. He had a perfect run and proves he is still up for the champion job.

To reach the final, he defeated Martin Gould, Stuart Bingham and Joe Jogia 4-2, before ending on a perfect victory with Joe Perry. During the final, he provoked a rain of beautiful breaks, numbers like 60, 105 and 117 being the little stars of the moment.
After the victory, he declared for World Snooker that he is pleased with his game, still seeing his psychiatrist and still giving himself a shot with each tournament that he plays in. Seems to be he is in a better mood than last season and that's going to make a huge difference when he goes out there for a match. That maximum break intent he made in the match against Joe Jogia, although stopped by a stubborn yellow at just 120, makes it clear that Ronnie is prepared for a new season and if he really sets his mind to it, he can move mountains.

Joe Perry, 2011PTC Event One runner-up
Still, the PTC Event One is not just about the champion, so please bare with me a few moments, to see who else has shined during this first tournament.
Joe Perry, is one! Yes, sir! We all know he didn’t have the best last season, but he seems pretty much determined to change that and stop winning his glory back. He passed over the powerful James Wattana 4-0, over Jamie Jones 4-1 and Graeme Dott 4-2, to set that final with O'Sullivan.
Also, one must never disregard players like Graeme Dott or Joe Jogia, who played their part in a brilliant way, showing that while the top favorites haven't entered in the "zone", they want to recover all the time they lost not being in a great form. And they did it!

For me, this PTC was a statement that the youngsters are ready for the kill and the players that didn't shine too much last season are back. Of course that we must always keep in mind the fact that for the next tournament the rustiness of certain players may vanish into air, and that's going to the real test of strength for those who rocked during this first PTC, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, they made a spectacular job and hopefully their performance will continue all season.

My sincere congratulations for Ronnie O'Sullivan for returning to that beautiful form we all know he is capable of, but also to all the players that kept their heads still and their mind focused on the game these last five days. Snooker is proud of its boys! :-)