Australian Goldfields Open 2011 - the semi-finals

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Stuart Bingham booking himself a place in the final
This year's Australian Open final will see an England v. Wales cue battle, as "The Binginator" (Wikipedia, said it not me) put his name on the board by proving to be immune to "Magician's" Murphy ways of potting the balls, while "The Welsh Potting Machine" - Mark Williams ended "The Darling of Dublin's" hopes for reaching the final.

It all begun a bit nervy between Shaun Murphy and Stuart Bingham and perhaps the pressure of fighting for a place in the final was responsible for that, or the boys were just not warmed up yet. However when Stu hit a break 114 to cash the first frame, it was clear that he was in for the kill.
Murphy responded during the next frame to draw level at one a piece, but as the interval kicked off the Essex man was leading the Smurf by three frames to one. 

Murphy's magic cue didn't seem to have any effect
A few minutes later the lads were entering the arena for their last session and Bingham was hungry for points. So hungry that he won another frame to extend his lead at 4-1. But as the 6th frame was about to end, Stu missed frame ball at 53 this giving Murphy a free pass to clinch his second frame of the match. Time will show that it was going to be his last one.
With a break of 56 and the blue that was left down to the yellow pocket by Murphy, just waiting to be pushed by the cue ball, Stuart Bingham was earning a place into the final, with a 6-2 result. I don't think there's any doubt that this man has what it takes to become a champion and that during this tournament he has proved his talented and ambition.

Mark Williams will face Stu Bingham in  Oz final
The second semi-final of this competition has featured the names of Mark Williams and Ken Doherty. It was a long awaited cue battle, for we all know how these two play snooker.

The same timid start could be easily observed here too, as Williams missed an incredible easy blue to the left centre pocket. Still, with a break of 47 he managed to break the ice and take the first frame of the match.
As a response, runs of 55 and 29 were levelling the scoreline at 1-1, Kenny proving he means serious business, but as it happened for the first semi-final, the interval was finding the Irishman being lead 3-1, due to Williams' breaks of 110 and 52.

Unfortunately, Ken Doherty must return home
The 5th frames started with a very strategically safety shots battle that was finally won by the Dublin-man who was careful enough as to take on the remaining colours to trail 2-3.
A beautiful 106 Williams was re-making the "two frames apart" pattern, and due to Kenny's poor break off shots during the following two frames, the Welshman found an easier way towards victory. With runs of 48, 30, 56 and 40 Mark Williams was defeating Ken Doherty 6-2.
It was a hard fought victory, but a well deserved one for the "Welsh Potting Machine".

With the "best of 17", the grand final awaits patiently for its players. It will definitely be a great one!

From 05:00 (UK time)
Stuart Bingham v. Mark Williams (the first session)
From 10:30 (UK time)
Stuart Bingham v. Mark Williams (the last session)

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