Snooker World Cup 2011 - China on top of the World (Cup)

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The 2011 World Cup champion - China
China's Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo have won this year's World Cup, after defeating one of the strongest teams in this tournament, Northern Ireland by 4-2. Even though China won all of its matches it didn't shine from the beginning, but rather got better and better with every cue battle it had to take on. In the final, it was clear that Ding and Wenbo were too strong for Allen and Greene.

It was an almost one way street for China that cruised towards victory by taking the first three frames with runs of 77, 46 and 26. Both Liang and Ding were happy with their performance and weren't afraid to show it by smiling after winning each frame. And that's something, considering Ding's classical "Poker face".

China and Northern Ireland - the finalists
However, during the forth frame, Gerard Greene made the first start of what would have been a brilliant comeback by hitting a break of 109. This was Northern Ireland first kick and it was followed by Mark Allen's contribution, under the form of a 69 break.

It must be said that this fifth frame that Allen won for its team was a typical "steal", for Wenbo was making his way though, but missed a dangerous pink and stopped his break at 55. So, "The Pistol" Allen took the bull by its horns and cashed the frame.

The scoreline was not 3-2 in favour of the mighty team from China, but it didn't take too long to transform it into a 4-2 due to an 84 break obtained in a doubles frame. It was victory! China was champion!

So after more than 15 years from the last edition of the World Cup and after seven crazy days of snooker, China lifts its well deserved trophy. What a week this has been and what great matches have we experienced!
Congratulation to all the teams that took part in this tournament but especially to those who made it to the final: China and Northern Ireland.

Now it's time to fly to Australia. See you there mates! :-)