Wuxi Classic 2011 - Selby marks his first season's victory

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Mark Selby, the 2011 Wuxi Classic champion
Please be sure to mark down this day in your snooker calendar for the most desired victory has just happened. Mark Selby, succeeded to win his first season's title, but also his first one since breaking the ice an year ago at the 2010 Players Tour Championship Event 1.
Selby ended up in the final taking on his team partner from the World Cup, Ali Carter and managed to earn the right to lift the glass trophy by defeating him 9-7.

Although the match between Selby and Carter had a first session that could easily be described as slow, the lads did their best to change it in the last session.
Selby seemed in a better form than his opponent as the interval found him in the lead 3-1, runs of 89, 92 and 49 making it happen for the Jester. However, after the break, the Captain decided it was time to take off, so he hit a marvelous 90 break to go just one point behind Selby.
This situation was soon over when Mark reestablished the two frames advantage as he took over the 6th frame, only to see Ali storming in and winning himself a couple of frame that would end the first session on a tight 4-4.

Ali Carter, the 2011 Wuxi Classic runner-up
A few hours later the boys entered the arena for their last session and for the first time since the beginning of their match, Ali managed to take the lead after an 84 clearance of the table. Still, the Jester wasn't impressed by his opponent's performance so by hitting in breaks of 68, 53, 41 and 81 he put his nose in front again, this time leading 7-5. That last break (the 81 one) wasn't very easily obtained, as he had a pretty difficult table to clean, with only the black and the yellow on their original spots.
Taking the bulls by its horn, Captain Carter fought back with of his munitions (aka. breaks of 90 and 99) to reduce the gap at just one point, 7-8. But it was a bit late as Selby hit the first century break of this final (a perfect 100) to claim the victory. And what a well deserved victory this is. :-)

Selby and Carter, opponents and teammates
Unfortunately for Ali Carter, the long waited title will have to wait a bit more and although a lot of time has passed by since he managed to be crowed champion at the 2010 Shanghai Masters, I'm sure his time will come very soon and we shall all see the Captain fly towards victory and landing on it :-)
For Mark Selby this winning will do wonders, I'm guessing, as his confidence wasn't very high after the last season. It's true that he was runner-up for the German Masters and the China Open, but to actually win a tournament ... well, that's a different feeling. Feeling that he's experiencing as you read these lines :-)

So, after four days of hard work the 2011 Wuxi Classic tournament has found itself a winner. Now, the boys will fly to Bangkok, Thailand, where the revived World Cup will take place for the next seven days.
Congratulations to both finalists and I deeply wish them to keep on performing like they did during these last days, in the former Kingdom of Siam. :-)