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Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!!
Hello my dears! My name is Ramona Dragomir and for the last year I’ve been the voice of "Snooker, my love". And to get things straight: YES, I'm a girl! Shocking, I know! :-P

I actually can't believe that a year has passed since one night I started blogging about snooker. What an amazing run this has been for me! Not in a million years I would have thought I will go so far, mainly because I've well known for not finishing projects that I start. Somehow, along the way something happens, I get bored and give in on it. But this time was different, for snooker has changed my life in so many ways that I can hardly explain. Although this blog began as a personal project, I never thought it will become quite popular and read by many of you. I hope you know how much this has meant to me. :-)

A year later, one should look back and say what has learnt from it. And indeed, I've learned a lot. I've learned that snooker is like life, you can pot all the right balls and hit a century after a century and still lose in end, but on the other hand, you can have a rough start and finish covered in glory. I've learned that one must never give in of his/her dreams or give up the fight. That the battlefield might be bloody, messy and scary, but somewhere over the rainbow, birds can fly .... :-)))
I feel like I've grown so much this last year and I owe a huge part of that to this blog and the way you people, my readers, my friends, have made me feel.

What I'm about to say will sound a bit old-fashioned, but maybe that's how I am: it's my "Thank you" moment.
I can't start with anyone else but with my dear, dear friend SnookerBacker. He was the first person to lend me a hand and believe in this project of mine. I shall never forget his support, for it was what I needed when the blog was still growing, still vulnerable, as my confidence in myself. His funny, yet incisive style of writing makes me want to learn English better, so I can write jokes as well :-)))
So thank you SB! Thank you for everything :-)

A small part of my snooker kit
Dave Hendon was, is and will continue to be one of my biggest inspirations on the field, so many thanks to him too. For his support, for mentioning my blog in his articles. Words aren't enough to express how grateful I am for that.

Mark Ashenden, the ex-BBC journalist that tweeted about snooker and made me feel part of this wonderful madness that a ranking snooker event is - I don't know if you will ever get the chance to read this (probably not!), but thank you so much! I will never forget how two years ago I was following your tweets and I was absolutely stunned by how you can write so much information in only 140 characters. I never though that a year later I shall be sharing tweets about the UK Championship or the World Championship with you. It's been a truly honour and a privilege.

To my readers:
- To Micky, my Romanian friend, my first fan, my first supporter, the first person that said "You, go girl!" I hope you know how much this has meant to me!
- Alyssa Taylor that was sooo sweet to share with me her Crucible experience and has been a genuine supporter of mine and a true friend. Thank you, my dear! :-)
- To Phil Pedlow and Peter Watters from FaceBook, one of the reasons why this blog has grown so much. Thank you for all your nice words and for your constant support.
- To Kiss Zsolt, my neighbour from Hungary :-)) who's in love with snooker as well as me and has always been there with useful links and information. Snooker needs people like him!
- To Julia Serova, my Ukrainian friend, whose one of my constant readers and has had a lot of lovely comments over the past year.
- To Anita Rizzuti, the first person who agreed to grant me an interview, back when I was just two month old. I'm proud to say that she is one of my closest friends and I'm really happy and honoured that I was able to befriend with her. She's an exceptional snooker player and has a great heart.
- To Eirian Williams, for saying yes to one of my interviews and for having the patience because my English is still not very good, to Carmelita Yumito from Brazil, to Hannah and Mark Jones, to Jason Francis from Snooker Legends, to Sarah and Paul Mount from the South West Snooker Academy, to David Grace and all those who were so kind as to take a few minutes off and look over the questions I sent them. You made this blog to be alive!
- To Helen-Claire from Twitter, who’s always there for me, always cheering me up with her lovely tweets and funny jokes. Thanks for everything! :-)

Also, many, many thanks to my friends from Spain (Ander and Dani), the ones that are responsible for keeping the sport alive in their country with their wonderful Snooker147 Blog. Thank you for all your support!

My cup of coffee  ... empty already
A special thank you goes to Sholto Carnew, the person that a month after I started this blog, took the time to write me an e-mail and tell me that I was doing a great job. You don’t know this, but back then I was about to quit, due to a redneck that said I knew nothing about snooker and offended me in the worst possible way. So, if today "Snooker, my love" is still kicking, is because of you too :-)

I may not know all my readers personally, but for each and every one of you, who have subscribed, supported or just accidentally visited this blog of mine - thank you. For all my FaceBook friends and Tweeter followers: I hope you know that each RT or “LIKE” makes me happy and that you have participated on the promotion of this blog, so many thanks.

I hope that one day I shall be able to write in a more professional way. I hope that one day I shall become a journalist. I'm 27, but I still dream of that day. Snooker has this impact on people. It makes you dream and chase that dream until it becomes a reality. Hopefully, one day you will see my articles in a fancy newspaper and I will be able to report from the act scene the most interesting snooker stories. However, until then this blog will continue to promote my love for the sport, my love for snooker!

Once again, thank you to all my readers and please accept my apologies if I forgot to mention your name. But you have my promise you are always in my heart and in my mind, when I start writing an article. xxx

Here’s for another year of "Snooker, my love”!

P.S. For now on, I shall write under my real name, although I will continue to be a Snooker Loopy ;-)


Anonymous said...

i am your constant reader... you didn't mention me :(... Snooker Videos Collection !!

Ramona D said...

I'm so sorry, SVC :-(, But I actually didn't know. Please except my apologies and thank you so much for being there for me.

If it makes any difference, I did put your blog video collection link in my Links section ;-)

Thank you one more time for your support :-)