On the road again - Players Tour Championship Event Two 2011

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On the road again ... let's sing it together!!!
Do you remember that part from Shrek (the first film), when Donkey starts singing "On the road again. I can't wait to get on the road again!" ? Well, the players can surely sing that song too, for the majority of them are already on the road again, this time heading for Gloucester, where the South West Snooker Academy is ready for the second Players Tour Championship to kick off.

As usual, the number of people that wanted to enrol in this event was higher than last year, which makes perfect sense because the lads have seen how do the PTC's work and they clearly decide they want a piece of it. So, we shall have two days of preliminary rounds before the real mini-tournament will officially start, but don't you go thinking those couple of days won't worth to be followed, because I'm sure we'll have some really nice breakthroughs.

For when the players need to chill out
Last year, the South West Snooker Academy held the EPTC 4 and things couldn't have gone better, so this year we shall see more than just one of the PTC's being staged here (PTC 7 will follow in October). 

The Pink team from Gloucester with Mr. Paul Mount as its leader will take care so everything will be in perfect order and each player can perform at his best. One of the things they did lately was to dress up the tables with new cloths and to build a Snooker Table Themed Bar (it has the shape of a snooker table and you can serve your drinks on it). Pretty fancy and pretty cool, I dare to say ;-)
But the players will be surely too busy hitting the ball, so enough with the talk and let's see how the first qualification day is looking like, ok?

Callum Downing v. Steve Ventham
Ross Summers v. Brent Kolbeck
Farakh Aljaib v. Michael Wild
Nick Pearce v. John Woods
Craig Steadman v. Ian Stark
Andrew Rogers v. Ricky Hong Chin
Reanne Evans v. Michael Judge
Andy Lee v. Matthew Day

Not before 3:30pm
Jack Nicholson v. Jack Bradford
Rock Hui v. Jak Jones
James Buck v. Marc Davis
Ben Harrison v. James Cahill
Saquib Nasir v. James Hill
Sydney Wilson v. David Bailey
Michell Mann v. Zak Surety
Oliver Brown v. James Silverwood

Not before 5pm
Duane Jones v. Steve Judd
Lee Farebrother v. Darren Bond
George Marter v. Zhang Anda
James McGouran v. Hans Blanckaert
Phil O'Kane v. Douglas Hogan
Bash Maqsood v. David Gray
James Welsh v. Stephen Craigie

Not before 6:30pm
Joel Walker v. Stephen Ellis
Jonathan Fulcher v. Kyren Wilson
Adam Stefanow v. Daniel Woodward
Christophern Norbury v. Liam Monk
Damian Wilks v. Ian Glover
Ryan Causton v. Gary Wilson
Les Dodd v. Patrick Wallace
Lewis Mayes v. Shane Castle
Sean O'Sullivan v. Shahram Changezi

Don’t forget that the Players Tour Championship Event 2 matches will be partially broadcasted online, so you can subscribe to liveworldsnooker.tv . However, it is very much likely to see them on fromsportcom.com too (a bit foggy though), but I’m not quite sure, so I’ll have to get back to you with that information tomorrow, ok? ;-)
Until then, let’s wish the players good luck! :-)