Player Tour Championship Event 2 2011 - Day2

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Liam Highfield and Adam Duffy
The second day of the Players Tour Championship Event Two was as long as the day before it, the lads taking their time to win, or lose their cue battles, carefully and strategically placed in the lovely South West Snooker Academy from Gloucester.

It's been one of those days when you look at yourself and say: "Thank God that youngsters have something for this sport!". And names like Liam Highfield or Adam Duffy have definitely popped up in this process. Both of them have had a tremendous run until now, Highfield managing to beat Jamie Jones and Adrian Gunnell 4-1,only to meet another teenager player in his final confrontation, Sam Baird, whom he also beat 4-2. As for Adam Duffy, the man was in the mood for winning, clearly, as he ended on a tight 4-3 with Mark Joyce, beat Gary Wilson 4-2, but saved the best for last whitewashing the one and only Mark Selby, 4-0. Now, that's snooker!

Can Ronnie win another PTC?
Not as fortunate as his predecessors, Anthony McGill only reached the third round, after beating Adam Wicheard 4-0 and hammering Andrew Higginson 4-1 having to face a very tough opponent, Neil Robertson. And since Robbo needs to regain his fame and glory (the last season wasn't a very good one for him), he determinately won 4-0. However, it is a very good start for Scotland's McGill and hopefully we shall see more of him in the next tournaments.

Master Hendry returns to Scotland
Moving on to the heavy names, Ronnie O'Sullivan succeeded to qualify for the Last 16, after putting up quite a show on Twitter about how he hates bow ties and the dress code that snooker tournaments impose. Still, when he entered the arena, he seemed pretty focused and although he wasn't rocking around the snooker table all the time, he did win 4-1 over Nick Jennings and Stephen Hendry and finished his day with a tight 4-3 against Matthew Stevens. That last match, although not the most entertaining one, was typical clash of styles for sure.

His Rustyness - John Higgins
The current world champion, John Higgins is still a bit rusty (now, really? come one, snap out of it man!) and even though he defeated his first two opponents, Matthew Couch and Stephen Maguire 4-2, he got beaten by Ali Carter 4-1 (no wonder, as he didn't play too bright during that last match).
And since we are on the "Ali Carter" chapter, I must tell you that the Captain flew pretty nicely yesterday, winning 4-2 over David Grace (beautiful 134 break) and Alfie Burden, before setting his last victory against Higgins.

Tony Drago and Fergal O'Brien kept us awake late in the night and all odds indicated that Drago was going to win this especially since he was leading 3-0, but O'Brien put up quite a comeback and won in the end by 4-3. At the same time, Yu Delu and Patrick Wallace did almost the same thing, with the only difference that Delu was leading 2-0 before his opponent started coming back for more. Still, in the end, the victory was cashed by the Chinese with 4-3.

The Captain is flying
A very good match was also the one between Mark Davis and Judd Trump, the more experienced Davis putting Trump in trouble more than once. He was always the one that took the lead, but sadly Jamie didn't let him do it anymore from 2-1 up. This year’s World Championship runner-up used a break of 72 to draw level and from that moment on, the table and the balls blindly obeyed him, as he won by 4-2.

Below you can check the complete list of results:

Mark Selby 4-0 Chris Norbury
Shaun Murphy 4-1 Paul S. Davison
Gary Wilson 4-2 Marco Fu
Mark Joyce 3-4 Adam Duffy
Liang Wenbo 4-1 Cao Yupeng
Jimmy Robertson 3-4 Patrick Wallace
Joe Jogia 4-3 Stuart Carrington
Yu Delu 4-3 Matthew Selt

Not before 11am
Anthony McGill 4-0 Adam Wicheard
Andrew Higginson 4-1 Jamie O'Neill
Neil Robertson 4-0 Chen Zhe
Dominic Dale 2-4 John Whitty
Mark Davis 4-1 Robbie Williams
Peter Lines w/o Robin Hull
Judd Trump 4-2 Justin Astley
Mark Allen 4-2 Joe Delaney

Not before 1pm
Jamie Jones 1-4 Liam Highfield
Adrian Gunnell 4-1 Andrew Pagett
Liu Song 3-4 Sam Baird
Stuart Bingham 4-0 Allan Taylor
Jack Lisowski 1-4 David Morris
Matthew Stevens 4-3 Jamie Barrett
Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-1 Nick Jennings
Stephen Hendry 4-0 Ashley Wright

Not before 3pm
Joe Perry w/o Bjorn Haneveer
Tony Drago 4-3 Dechawat Poomjaeng
Ian McCulloch 3-4 Passakorn Suwannawat
Fergal O'Brien 4-0 Billy Joe Castle
Alfie Burden 4-1 Michael Wasley
Alistair Carter 4-2 David Grace
Stephen Maguire 4-1 Alex Taubman
John Higgins 4-2 Matthew Couch

Not before 5pm
Mark Selby 4-0 Shaun Murphy
Gary Wilson 2-4 Adam Duffy
Liang Wenbo 1-4 Patrick Wallace
Yu Delu 4-2 Joe Jogia
Anthony McGill 4-1 Andrew Higginson
Neil Robertson 4-1 John Whitty
Mark Davis 4-2 Peter Lines
Judd Trump 4-2 Mark Allen

Not before 7pm
Liam Highfield 4-1 Adrian Gunnell
Stuart Bingham 1-4 Sam Baird
David Morris 3-4 Matthew Stevens
Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-1 Stephen Hendry
Joe Perry 2-4 Tony Drago
Passakorn Suwannawat 1-4 Fergal O'Brien
Alfie Burden 2-4 Ali Carter
Stephen Maguire 2-4 John Higgins

Not before 9pm
Mark Selby 0-4 Adam Duffy
Patrick Wallace 3-4 Yu Delu
Anthony McGill 0-4 Neil Robertson
Mark Davis 2-4 Judd Trump
Liam Highfield 4-2 Sam Baird
Matthew Stevens 3-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan
Tony Drago 3-4 Fergal O'Brien
Ali Carter 4-1 John Higgins

Today's matches:

Last16 (from 10am UK time)
Jamie Burnett v. Xiao Guodong
Rory McLeod v. Jak Jones
Dave Harold v. Ryan Day
Graeme Dott v. Ding Junhui
Adam Duffy v. Yu Delu
Neil Robertson v. Judd Trump
Liam Highfield v. Ronnie O'Sullivan
Fergal O'Brien v. Ali Carter

The quarter-finals will start from 1pm, the semis from 4pm and the final from 7pm.