Players Tour Championship Event 2 2011 - Day 1

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Dave Harold never gives up the fight
The first day of the main event has been quite a long one, the last match being finished somewhere around 00:30 (UK time). However it was all worth it because we had some really good matches going on, sprinkled with surprises here and there.

One of the surprises I was telling you about is Dave Harold. The strategist with a unique cuing style and a considerable experience in the snooker field managed to whitewash a very powerful Ben Harrison 4-0, ended Nigel Bond's dream with a determined 4-2, only to close the day with another perfect scoreline of 4-0, this time the victim being the one and only, Steve Davis. 

It was quite a shock, since Davis had a really great run during this PTC, by beating both of this first opponents 4-1 (Scott MacKenzie and Gerard Greene), but somehow that bursting energy and excellent cueing didn't last all day long and maybe that fatigue did its thing. Still, all credit to Dave Harold - this man is a phenomenal when he gets playing rhythm.

The Nugget goes home
Quite a shock to see Mark Williams out too, the Welshman although winning his first match against Callum Downing by 4-0, lost the second battle in a decider, 3-4 with Ken Doherty. However, Ken didn't seem to get too much of this last victory, the following match being lost 2-4 in front of a more focused Jamie Burnett.

Craig Steadman had a great run yesterday kneeling the legend Jimmy White 4-2 and ending on a tight 4-3 with Ricky Walden, but sadly lost his last chance to qualify, Xiao Guodong 's 4-2 scoreline putting an end to his run. And since I mentioned Ricky Walden, I must say I was pretty impressed with the lad's performance. We all know that the poor man doesn't seem to win anything these days, but he did manage to hammer Tian Pengfei 4-1 (which is pretty awesome if you think about it) and to end on a decider with Steadman ... well, that's not bad either. Hopefully he'll continue to improve his playing and we'll see more victories in his pocket soon (he really needs them!).

Ryan Day is in "the zone"
One of the players that tends to play like the king of the snooker arena when he's in "the zone" is Ryan Day. The Welshman had a really spectacular first day in Gloucester after beating Oliver Brown 4-0, Mike Dunn 4-1 and Simon Bedford 4-1 and if he keeps going like that he could be a favourite for the big prize. ;-)
Jak Jones succeeded to qualify for the Last 16 as well, scorelines like 4-2 with Anthony Hamilton, 4-2 with James Wattana and 4-1 with Sam Craigie, putting his name on the next round, while Ding Junhui, although not in the best form of his life, has managed to win all his three cue battles by hammering Daniel Wells 4-1 and ending on a 4-2 final result with both Kyren Wilson and Marcus Campbell.

Graeme Dott is focusing on improving his game
Surprisingly, Rory McLeod wasn't the last player to finish his match and I'm actually proud to say it didn't take him too long to cash one victory after another, whitewashing Matthew Day 4-0, hammering Ben Woollaston 4-1 and ending on a tight 4-3 with the Belgium’s prodigy Luca Brecel.
At the same time, the Scot Graeme Dott proved he's in quite a good form, as he beat Kurt Maflin 4-2, crashed Duane Jones 4-0 and, as his predecessor, ended his day with a decider, 4-3 with Tom Ford.

Ironically, the highest break of the tournament (so far) has been made by players that are no longer in the competition, James Wattana scoring a beautiful 140 in his match against Alan McManus, while Barry Pinches hit the same one, in his way to a maximum attempt, that sadly wasn't turned into reality due to a very stubborn last black.

Below you can check Day 1 list of results:

Mark J Williams 4-0 Callum Downing
Ken Doherty 4-0 Joe Meara
Andy Hicks 4-1 Michael White
Jamie Burnett 4-3 Michael Wild
Jimmy White 2-4 Craig Steadman
Xiao Guodong 4-1 Reanne Evans
Rod Lawler 4-1 Kacper Filipiak
Joe Swail 1-4 Andrew Norman

Not before 11am
Ricky Walden 4-1 Tian Pengfei
Jamie Cope 1-4 Luca Brecel
Martin Gould 3-4 Ben Woollaston
Rory McLeod 4-0 Matthew Day
Barry Hawkins 0-4 Sam Craigie
Barry Pinches 1-4 David Hogan
Alan McManus 1-4 James Wattana
Anthony Hamilton 3-4 Jak Jones

Not before 1pm
Dave Harold 4-0 Ben Harrison
Nigel Bond 4-1 Saqib Nasir
Gerard Greene 4-0 David Birley
Steve Davis 4-1 Scott Mackenzie
Ryan Day 4-0 Oliver Brown
Mike Dunn 4-3 David Gilbert
Mark King w/o Simon Bedford
Michael Holt 1-4 Li Yan

Not before 3pm
Liu Chuang 2-4 Duane Jones
Graeme Dott 4-2 Kurt Maflin
Robert Milkins 4-1 James McGouran
Tom Ford 4-1 Douglas Hogan
Marcus Campbell 4-1 Stephen Craigie
Stephen Lee 4-1 Joel Walker
Ding Junhui 4-1 Daniel Wells
Peter Ebdon 2-4 Kyren Wilson

Not before 5pm
Mark Williams 3-4 Ken Doherty
Andy Hicks 3-4 Jamie Burnett
Craig Steadman 4-3 Ricky Walden
Xiao Guodong 4-0 Rod Lawler
Luca Brecel 4-0 Andrew Norman
Ben Woollaston 1-4 Rory McLeod
Dam Craigie 4-2 David Hogan
James Wattana 2-4 Jak Jones

Not before 7pm
Dave Harold 4-2 Nigel Bond
Gerard Greene 1-4 Steve Davis
Ryan Day 4-1 Mike Dunn
Simon Bedofrd 4-0 Li Yan
Duane Jones 0-4 Graeme Dott
Robvert Milkins 2-4 Tom Ford
Marcus Campbell 4-2 Stephen Lee
Ding Junhui 4-2 Kyren Wilson

Not before 9pm
Ken Doherty 2-4 Jamie Burnett
Craig Steadman 2-4 Xiao Guodong
Luca Brecel 3-4 Rory McLeod
Sam Craigie 1-4 Jak Jones
Dave Harold 4-0 Steve Davis
Ryan Day 4-1 Simon Bedford
Graeme Dott 4-3 Tom Ford
Ding Junhui 4-2 Marcus Campbell

Todat's schedule:

Mark Selby v. Chris Norbury
Shaun Murphy v. Paul S. Davison
Gary Wilson v. Marco Fu
Mark Joyce v. Adam Duffy
Liang Wenbo v. Cao Yupeng
Jimmy Robertson v. Patrick Wallace
Joe Jogia v. Stuart Carrington
Yu Delu v. Matthew Selt

Not before 11am
Anthony McGill v. Adam Wicheard
Andrew Higginson v. Jamie O'Neill
Neil Robertson v. Chen Zhe (live streaming)
Dominic Dale v. John Whitty
Mark Davis v. Robbie Williams
Peter Lines w/o Robin Hull
Judd Trump v. Justin Astley (live streaming)
Mark Allen v. Joe Delaney

Not before 1pm
Jamie Jones v. Liam Highfield
Adrian Gunnell v. Andrew Pagett
Liu Song v. Sam Baird
Stuart Bingham v. Allan Taylor
Jack Lisowski v. David Morris
Matthew Stevens v. Jamie Barrett
Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Nick Jennings (live streaming)
Stephen Hendry v. Ashley Wright (live streaming)

Not before 3pm
Joe Perry w/o Bjorn Haneveer
Tony Drago v. Dechawat Poomjaeng (live streaming)
Ian McCulloch v. Passakorn Suwannawat
Fergal O'Brien v. Billy Joe Castle
Alfie Burden v. Michael Wasley
Alistair Carter v. David Grace
Stephen Maguire v. Alex Taubman
John Higgins v. Matthew Couch (live streaming)

Not before 5pm
winner of match 1 v. winner of match 2
winner of match 3 v. winner of match 4
winner of match 5 v. winner of match 6
winner of match 7 v. winner of match 8
winner of match 9 v. winner of match 10
winner of match 11 v. winner of match 12
winner of match 13 v. winner of match 14
winner of match 15 v. winner of match 16

Not before 7pm
winner of match 17 v. winner of match 18
winner of match 19 v. winner of match 20
winner of match 21 v. winner of match 22
winner of match 23 v. winner of match 24
winner of match 25 v. winner of match 26
winner of match 27 v. winner of match 28
winner of match 29 v. winner of match 30
winner of match 31 v. winner of match 32

Not before 9pm
winner of match 33 v. winner of match 34
winner of match 35 v. winner of match 36
winner of match 37 v. winner of match 38
winner of match 39 v. winner of match 40
winner of match 41 v. winner of match 42
winner of match 43 v. winner of match 44
winner of match 45 v. winner of match 46
winner of match 47 v. winner of match 48
*all hours are UK time