Players Tour Championship Event Four 2011 - Snooker goes to Germany

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It is time to start packing because tomorrow morning snooker will be travelling to Germany and so shall we. The Players Tour Championship 4, or as we all like to call it, the Paul Hunter Classic, will be held in the beautiful city of F├╝rth for the following four days.

Last year, Judd Trump was the one who conquered the title and as far as I'm concerned that was his big breakthrough. At least, into the eyes of the entire world, because into the eyes of those who've seen him playing, that victory was not really a surprise; it was just a matter of time. But can he do it once more? Can this brilliant lad from Bristol, the one that stormed in to take the 2011 China Open title and fought like a lion to be the runner-up at this year's World Championship, defend his title from those who are hungry for lifting it too?

Will Judd manage to defend his title?
There's no doubt that he will give his best, but this year the competition is tougher than before, and tougher than any other PTC event for that matter. A record number of players, 244 to be more precise, have put their names on the list and each and every one of them will try to get as further as possible in the tournament.

The Paul Hunter Classic opens the door to continental Europe, for this is actually the first European PTC. And you know what that means don't you? That we will have the honour and privilege to see the players perform on TV. EuroSport will broadcast the main event (so that means no qualifiers) from Friday to Sunday, so be ready for some LIVE snooker, brought directly into your homes.

Long story short, I wish all the players best of luck and let's begin by taking a glace at the first day of qualifiers’ list of matches.

Matches played at the venue

From 10:00
2. Chen Zhe v. Norbert Eckstein
6. Stephen Ellis v. Chris McBreen
8. Reanne Evans v. Phil Bames
10. Allan Taylor v. Dirk Hochheim
11. Ben Harrison v. Laurin Winters
13. Thomas Cesal v. Sanjin Kusan
14. Douglas Hogan v. James Cahill
17. Alex Taubman v. Ian Glover
18. Ronny Buchholz v. Zen Beechey
19. David Gray v. Mirko Gross

From 11:30
20. Diana Schuler v. Kyren Wilson
23. Liam Monk v. Ralf Guenzel
24. Michael Wasley v. Paul Schopf
28. Naresh Samarawickrama v. Steve Judd
29. Ricky Norris v. Lee Page
33. Chris Norbury v. winner or match 7
43. Michael Betzinger v. Robert Valiant
44. Michell Travis v. Mario Wehrmann
46. Michell Mann v. Joe Delaney
47. Sean O'Sullivan v. Oliver Brown

From 13:00
32. Kishan Hirani v. winner of match 6
35. Tomasz Skalski v. winner of match 8
40. Stefan Joachim v. Andrew Miliard
41. Oezyurt Aksoy v. winner of match 10
42. Felix Pleschek v. winner of match 11
50. Sam Harvey v. Jan Leichs
55. Craig Steadman v. Rita Jakisch
56. Jak Jones v. Hans-Jurgen Bins
61. Michael Judge v. Ian Burns

From 14:30
25. Zafir Dilji v. winner of match 2
45. Gareth Allen v. winner of match 12
49. Alexander Ursenbarche v. winner or match 13
63. Brent Kolbeck v. Declan Bristow
64. Rogier Van Der Kamp v. Jamie Walker
66. Stephen Craigie v. Rudiger Nickel
67. Gary Wilson v. Thomas Wacker
68. Lee Farebrother v. winner of match 16
69. Johnatan Fulcher v. Jamie O'Neill
70. Martin Roesler v. winner of match 17

From 16:00
65 Marc Davis v. Winner of match 15
72 James Welsh v. Winner of match 18
74 Frank Schroeder v. Martin O'Donnell
75 Nick Jennings v. Bernd Friedrich
76 Nick Pearce v. Stevo Vucicevic
77 Stephane Ochoiski v. Robbie Williams
78 Patrick Einsle v. Winner of match 19
79 Robert Drahn v. Michael Wild
80 Michael Peyr v. Zhang Anda
83 Florian Moederscheim v. Winner of match 20

From 17:30
22 Sanderson Lam v. Shane Castle
36 Tony Knowles v. Lasse Munstermann
38 Gerhard Engelschalk v. Charlie Walters
51 Andy Lee v. Andreas Pesch
52 Phil O'Kane v. Stefan Merkel
53 Brian Cox v. Harold Kloss
59 Christof Biniarsch v. Steve Ventham
60 Patrick Rosmann v. Ryab Causton
62 Leo Fernandez v. Robert Sax
84 Saqib Nasir v. Sydney Wilson

From 19:30
92 Winner of match 35 v. Winner of match 36
93 Winner of match 37 v. Winner of match 38
94 Winner of match 39 v. Winner of match 40
97 Winner of match 45 v. Winner of match 46
99 Winner of match 49 v. Winner of match 50
100 Winner of match 51 v. Winner of match 52
101 Winner of match 53 v. Winner of match 54
102 Winner of match 55 v. Winner of match 56
103 Winner of match 57 v. Winner of match 58
104 Winner of match 59 v. Winner of match 60

From 21:00
105 Winner of match 61 v. Winner of match 62
106 Winner of match 63 v. Winner of match 64
107 Winner of match 65 v. Winner of match 66
110 Winner of match 71 v. Winner of match 72
111 Winner of match 73 v. Winner of match 74
112 Winner of match 75 v. Winner of match 76
113 Winner of match 77 v. Winner of match 78
114 Winner of match 79 v. Winner of match 80
115 Winner of match 81 v. Winner of match 82
116 Winner of match 83 v. Winner of match 84

Matches played at the CLUB

From 10:00
1 Hendrik Henschke v. Roland Hanisch
3 Norbert Hofheinz v. Stephanus Klitzke
4 Hendrik Glax v. Soner Sari
5 Chris Henry v. Andreas Hartung
7 Baghi Ebrahim v. Pavel Leyk
9 Shahram Changezi v. Julian Treiber
12 Julian Gaertner v. Bernd Strnad
15 Thomas Valentin v. Oliver Metzger

From 12:00
16 Wilhem Braunwald v. Jorg Petersen
21 Stefan Gerst v. Winner of match 1
26 Christian Pesch v. Winner of match 3
27 Gerrit Bij De Leij v. Winner of match 4
30 Ron Florax v. Andreas Ploner
71 Christian Ozim v. Ralph Enax
81 Nicole Breitenstein v. Jorg Vortkort
82 Lothar Kempgens v. Ali Kirim

From 14:00
31 Ole Steiner v. Winner of match 5
34 Jorg Schneidewindt v. Ruediger Fehrmann
37 Klaus Wuscher v. Hans Blanckaert
39 Ronnie Beniesch v. Winner of match 9
48 Markus Pfistermueller v. Markus Stocker
54 Anja Vucicevic v. Oliver Kremp
57 Maurice Le Duc v. Anne-Katrin Hirsch
73 Angelo Losi v. Xander Van Rossum
*all hours are UK time