Players Tour Championship Event Four 2011 - Day 2

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Jimmy Robertson is back!
Surprising and long, the second day of the 2011 Paul Hunter Classic did its job in sending eight players into the Last 16. Now the line-up is set, so tomorrow we shall start our tour de force in finding PTC 4 champion.

The day's premiere was the fact that four players managed to qualify for the Last 16 for the first time this season. Their names are: Michael White, Mark Joyce, Jimmy Robertson and Passakorn Suwannawat.

The Welshman White, although has got a bye because Liang Wenbo withdrew from the tournament, stormed in to defeat Shaun Murphy by 4-3 and hammered a very determined Martin Gould 4-1, while the 2011 Pink Tournament champion Mark Joyce started his day with a 4-2 in front of Lee Page, continued it with the same 4-2 over Tian Pengfei and ended it, late in the night, with a 4-3 against Mark King.

But maybe one of this day's biggest revelations has been Jimmy Robertson. The Englishman that succeeded to qualify for this year's World Championship didn't have such a great start this season, but with today's performance that's history. Robertson beat Nick Jennings 4-1, Robbie Williams 4-2 and ended in great style with another 4-2 against Andrew Pagett and a great series of 129, 56, 66 and 102. Now that's how it's done!

Jamie Jones beats PTC 3 champ
And since we are on the "Robertson-subject", there wasn’t really too much of a surprise to see Neil Robertson earn himself a spot in the next round by defeating Chris Norbury 4-0, David Hogan 4-2 and Peter Lines 4-1, while Jamie Jones managed to qualify for the third time into the Last 16, after obtaining victories like: 4-2 with Cao Yupeng, 4-3 with Jack Lisowski and a marvellous 4-1 against the PTC 3 champion, Ben Woollaston.

The big Thai Passakorn Suwannavat has also managed to book himself a place for the next day of playing after winning 4-1 over Gerard Greene and Mark Williams and 4-2 over Ken Doherty.

Now, changing the subject a bit, although from the beginning of the PTC's the "Welsh Potting Machine" didn't seem to pot like a machine ... at all! is still strange to see him not reaching the Last 16. And what's even worse, his performance follows a strange pattern: PTC 1 (lost his first match), PTC 2 (lost his second match), PTC 3 (lost his first match) and now, during PTC 4 .... guess what? Yeah, he lost his second match. I really hope he'll try to improve his winning status during the following events, because it is really a shame not to see him play until the last day of a competition.

Suwannawat, responsabile for Doherty's exit
Yu Delu, on the other hand, had an extraordinary day, the Chinese player taking care of each of his opponents. And so he beat Tom Ford 4-2, hit in breaks of 100 and 112 for a 4-1 against James Welsh and end his day with a glorious 4-2 against Steve Davis.

Maybe Ken Doherty didn't succeed to qualify for the Last 16 round this time, but Ireland is proudly represented by Fergal O'Brien who won by a close 4-3 in front of Joe Delaney, put Rod Lawler in his corner with a 4-1 and ended with a terrific 4-3 against Ding Junhui.

Below you can check Day 2 list of results:

9 Mark Joyce 4-2 Lee Page
10 Barry Pinches 0-4 Tian Pengfei
49 Steve Davis 4-0 Gary Wilson
50 Dave Harold 0-4 Jamie O'Neill
51 Graeme Dott w/o James Welsh
52 Tom Ford 2-4 Yu Delu
53 Andrew Pagett 4-2 Luca Brecel
54 Robert Milkins 4-1 Martin O'Donnell
55 Jimmy Robertson 4-1 Nick Jennings
56 Matthew Couch 0-4 Robbie Williams

11 Mark King 4-2 Kishan Hirani
12 Matthew Stevens 4-1 Paul Davison
13 Neil Robertson 4-0 Chris Norbury
14 Tony Drago w/o David Hogan
15 Peter Lines 4-3 David Gilbert
16 Ali Carter w/o Andrew Norman

25 Shaun Murphy w/o Lucky Vatnani
26 Liang Wenbo w/o Michael White
27 Martin Gould 4-1 Ben Harrison
28 Nigel Bond 2-4 Dechewat Poomjaeng

29 Rod Lawler 4-1 Mitchell Travis
30 Fergal O'Brien 4-3 Joe Delaney
31 Ding Junhui 4-1 Sean O'Sullivan
32 Marcus Campbell 4-2 Scott MacKenzie

1 Mark Williams 4-0 Sanderson Lam
2 Gerard Greene 1-4 Passakorn Suwannawat
3 Ken Doherty 4-0 Liam Monk
4 Liu Song 4-1 Chen Zhe

5 Mike Dunn 4-1 Kacper Filipiak
6 Liam Highfield w/o Ben Woollaston
7 Jamie Jones 4-2 Cao Yupeng
8 Jack Lisowski 4-1 Steve Judd

69 Mark Joyce 4-2 Tian Pengfei
70 Mark King 4-1 Matthew Stevens
71 Neil Robertson 4-2 David Hogan
72 Peter Lines 4-2 Andrew Norman
77 Shaun Murphy 3-4 Michael White
78 Martin Gould 4-1 Dechewat Poomjaeng
89 Steve Davis 4-3 Jamie O'Neill
90 James Welsh 1-4 Yu Delu
91 Andrew Pagett 4-2 Robert Milkins
92 Jimmy Robertson 4-2 Robbie Williams

65 Mark Williams 1-4 Passakorn Suwannawat
66 Ken Doherty 4-2 Liu Song
67 Mike Dunn 2-4 Ben Woollaston
68 Jamie Jones 4-3 Jack Lisowski
79 Rod Lawler 1-4 Fergal O'Brien
80 Ding Junhui 4-1 Marcus Campbell

97 Passakorn Suwannawat 4-2 Ken Doherty
98 Ben Woollaston 1-4 Jamie Jones
99 Neil Robertson 4-1 Peter Lines
100 Michael White 4-1 Martin Gould
103 Mark Joyce 4-3 Mark King
104 Fergal O'Brien 4-3 Ding Junhui
109 Steve Davis 2-4 Yu Delu
110 Andrew Pagett 2-4 Jimmy Robertson

Tomorrow's schedule:

10:00 (the Last 16)
113 Mark Davis 4-2 Matthew Selt
114 Mark Selby 4-0 Andrew Higginson
115 Joe Jogia 1-4 Stephen Lee
116 Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-2 Li Yan
117 Passakorn Suwannawat 4-2 Jamie Jones
118 Neil Robertson 4-2 Mark Joyce
119 Michael White 2-4 Fergal O'Brien
120 Yu Delu 4-2 Jimmy Robertson

13:00 (the quarter-finals)
121 Mark Selby 4-1 Stephen Lee
122 Yu Delu 3-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan
123 Mark Davis 4-0 Fergal O'Brien
124 Passakorn Suwannawat 1-4 Neil Robertson

16:00 (the semi-finals)
125 Mark Selby 4-3 Ronnie O'Sullivan
126 Mark Davis 4-2 Neil Robertson

20:00 (the final)
127 Mark Selby 4-0 Mark Davis
*all hours are Germany time

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