Players Tour Championship Event Two 2011 - the qualifiers (round 2)

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The Lady of snooker qualifies for PTC Event 2
The second day of the Players Tour Championship Event Two qualifiers has come to an end and I must say it wasn't a very easy day. Hell, I've got tired just by writing that first sentence :-)) But leaving the joke aside, the second day (as well as the last one) of the preliminary rounds has put together some really great matches and has sent further in the competition players that will surely thrill us with their performances.

A very determined Reanne Evans has managed to win her second qualifying match by hammering Andrew Rogers 4-1 and leaving the table as clean as it can be after hitting a beautiful 95 break. To follow next, the "musical" Robbie Williams, who left the glory and fame to start a career in snooker, was lucky enough to take advantage of the fact that his first opponent, the German Lasse M├╝nstermann pulled out of the event, but in the evening he's proved that he is ready for the kill as he beat Garoid O'Conner 4-2 to book himself a meeting with Pink Army's brave soldier Mark Davis.

Robbie Williams takes that victory
No surprise to see Ben Harrison fly over the Scotsman Marc Davis (yeah, Marc and not Mark!) 4-1 to set a snooker encounter with the strategist Dave Harold, or to follow Allan Taylor's faultless performance the player beating Del Smith 4-1 and Martin O'Donnell 4-2 in order to face Stuart Bingham.

Agreat run as also been recorded by Kyren Wilson, the lad ending Poland's Adam Stefanow's dream with a break of 100 and a final 4-1 scoreline, Nick Jennings defeated the legendary Tony Knowles 4-2 and beat Gareth Greene 4-1, while Justin Astley cashed a well deserved victory of 4-1 over Jack Culligan (break of 51, 124 and 60 included) and whitewashed Anthony Parson 4-0, now taking on the mighty Judd Trump.

The highest break of the qualifiers and also of this competition (so far) has been a perfect 133 by Jamie O'Neill, break that was hit during his match against Pakistan’s Shahram Changezi, whom he beat 4-1.
The unstoppable Kyren Wilson
Joe Delaney's outstanding series of 62, 71, 83 and 50 brought him a clear 4-0 victory over Sachin Plaha and due to Le Fernandez withdrawal he got a bye to set up his first match with Mark “The Pistol” Allen.

A few hours from now, the real bloody fight will begin as the snooker's powerful gladiators will enter the arena. Great news, for we will be able to see some of the matches, for example the battle between Craig Steadman and Jimmy White and the one between Mark Williams and Callum Downing from 9am (UK time), but also Steve Davis taking on Scott MacKenzie from 1pm (UK time). To see the lads you can either subscribe to LiveWorldSnooker or visit (free service, but with not such great image).

Here you can find the latest scorelines:

Jamie O'Neill 4-3 Danny Brindle
Rogelio Esteiro w/o Brian Cox
Grzegorz Biernadski 1-4 Chen Zhe
Brian Robertson 2-4 John Whitty
Robert Tickner 0-4 Callum Lloyd
Robbie Williams w/o Lasse M├╝nstermann
Antony Parsons 4-0 James Frith
Jack Culligan 1-4 Justin Astley

Not before 11am
Joe Delaney 4-0 Sachin Plaha
Allan Taylor 4-1 Del Smith
Hammad Miah 2-4 Gareth Allen
Jamie Barrett w/o Charlie Walters
Gareth Greene 4-2 Brian Morgan
Tony Knowles 2-4 Nick Jennings
Ashley Wrigh 4-1 Andrew Milliard
Sam Harvey 4-2 Ricky Norris

Not before 1pm
Kishan Hirani 1-4 Billy Joe Castle
Sanderson Lam 1-4 Lee Page
Jamie Walker 2-4 Alex Taubman
Lewis Frampton 1-4 Callum Downing
Ross Summers 2-4 Michael Wild
John Woods 0-4 Craig Steadman
Andrew Rogers 1-4 Reanne Evans
Matthew Day w/o Sean Riach

Not before 3pm
Jake Nicholson 1-4 Jak Jones
Marc Davis 0-4 Ben Harrison
Mitchell Travis 3-4 Saqib Nasir
David Birley 4-2 Sydney Wilson
Zak Surety 3-4 Oliver Brown
Duane Jones 4-0 Lee Farebrother
George Marter 1-4 James McGouran
Declan Bristow -1-4 Douglas Hogan

Not before 5pm
David Gray 1-4 Stephen Craigie
Oliver Lines 2-4 Joel Walker
Kyren Wilson 4-1 Adam Stefanow
Martin Ball 2-4 Chris Norbury
Ian Glover 0-4 Gary Wilson
Patrick Wallace 4-0 Shane Castle
Shahram Changezi 1-4 Jamie O'Neill
Brian Cox 0-4 Chen Zhe
John Whitty 4-1 Callum Lloyd

Not before 7pm
Garoid O'Connor 2-4 Robbie Williams
Anthony Parsons 0-4 Justin Astley
Leo Fernandez w/o Joe Delaney
Martin O'Donnell 2-4 Allan Taylor
Gareth Allen 2-4 Jamie Barrett
Gareth Greene 1-4 Nick Jennings
Ian Burns 2-4 Ashley Wright

Not before 9pm
Sam Harvey 1-4 Billy Castle
Michael Wasley 4-1 Lee Page
Jordan Rimmer 3-4 Alex Taubman

Day 1 schedule of playing:

Mark J Williams v. Callum Downing  (live streaming)
Ken Doherty v. Joe Meara
Andy Hicks v. Michael White
Jamie Burnett v. Michael Wild
Jimmy White v. Craig Steadman  (live streaming)
Xiao Guodong v. Reanne Evans
Rod Lawler v. Kacper Filipiak
Joe Swail v. Andrew Norman

Not before 11am
Ricky Walden v. Tian Pengfei (live streaming)
Jamie Cope v. Luca Brecel (live streaming)
Martin Gould v. Ben Woollaston
Rory McLeod v. Matthew Day
Barry Hawkins v. Sam Craigie
Barry Pinches v. David Hogan
Alan McManus v. James Wattana
Anthony Hamilton v. Jak Jones

Not before 1pm
Dave Harold v. Ben Harrison
Nigel Bond v. Saqib Nasir
Gerard Greene v. David Birley
Steve Davis v. Scott Mackenzie  (live streaming)
Ryan Day v. Oliver Brown
Mike Dunn v. David Gilbert
Mark King v. Simon Bedford
Michael Holt v. Li Yan

Not before 3pm
Liu Chuang v. Duane Jones
Graeme Dott v. Kurt Maflin  (live streaming)
Robert Milkins v. James McGouran
Tom Ford v. Douglas Hogan
Marcus Campbell v. Stephen Craigie
Stephen Lee v. Joel Walker
Ding Junhui v. Daniel Wells  (live streaming)
Peter Ebdon v. Kyren Wilson

Not before 5pm
winner of match 1 v. winner of match 2
winner of match 3 v. winner of match 4
winner of match 5 v. winner of match 6
winner of match 7 v. winner of match 8
winner of match 9 v. winner of match 10
winner of match 11 v. winner of match 12
winner of match 13 v. winner of match 14
winner of match 15 v. winner of match 16

Not before 7pm
winner of match 17 v. winner of match 18
winner of match 19 v. winner of match 20
winner of match 21 v. winner of match 22
winner of match 23 v. winner of match 24
winner of match 25 v. winner of match 26
winner of match 27 v. winner of match 28
winner of match 29 v. winner of match 30
winner of match 31 v. winner of match 32

Not before 9pm
winner of match 65 v. winner of match 66
winner of match 67 v. winner of match 68
winner of match 69 v. winner of match 70
winner of match 71 v. winner of match 72
winner of match 73 v. winner of match 74
winner of match 75 v. winner of match 76
winner of match 77 v. winner of match 78
winner of match 79 v. winner of match 80
*all hours are UK time