Shanghai Masters qualifiers 2011 - Day 2

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It was "Clash day" in Sheffield
This has been the perfect day for some good old typical clashes. It was either about the Chinese players having to face each other, or about the Pink Army soldiers that had to remove "friendship" from their status and replace it with the word "fight".

Clash number one was the match given between Liu Song and Tian Pengfei. The boys went all the way through, consuming all their frames, in the end Liu taking his share of victory with 5-4.
On second place, we have the cue battle that featured the names of Liu Chuang and Li Yan. And once again, the players ended up on a decider, the winner being Liu.

On last place, but please don't get any fancy ideas that it was any less entertaining than the other two matches, we have the snooker encounter between Xiao Guodong and Cao Yupeng. Actually this was the match that closed the second day of the Shanghai Qualifiers and as expected it also finished after quite a battle of cues, Cao being now able to play in the next round after defeating Xiao 5-4.

Moving on to the On Q Promotions' players, we had a real treat seeing first of all Alfie Burden taking on a much younger but eager to win Michael White, while the legendary Jimmy White faced a very well prepared Adam Wicheard.
Although Alfie was standing his ground, the youngster Michael seemed not to experience any problems in beating him 5-2 and hitting a beautiful 145 break in the process. By the way, this break it’s the highest of his career and the highest so far from the qualifiers.

Booya! Won my first match!
As for Jimmy White and Adam Wicheard, "The Whirlwind" started his journey in the best possible way, by winning the first battle with a very good 5-3 result. However, if we take a look at Jimmy's latest performances in the qualifiers, he tends to win the first one or two matches and then he gets beaten. Hopefully his cue action has improved, because I'm dying to see the man on TV, playing in a ranking event. Don't you?

Scotland's boys Alan McManus and Anthony McGill, have both obtained important victories over their opponents, Alan whitewashing David Hogan 5-0, while Anthony won 5-2 over Ben Woollaston, so we’ll be seeing more of them at least for one round more.

The Thai James Wattana continued his smooth run, passing with a perfect 138 break and a 5-2 scoreline over Andy Hicks, India's best Aditya Mehta defeated Rod Lawler after a very hard fought battle that ended on a 5-4 result, while Norway's Kurt Maflin performed another of his extraordinary wins, by eliminating Joe Jogia 5-3.

Below you can check the full list of results:

Liu Song 5-4 Tian Pengfei
Alfie Burden 2-5 Michael White
Andy Hicks 2-5 James Wattana
Alan McManus 5-0 David Hogan
Liu Chuang 5-4 Li Yan
Rod Lawler 4-5 Aditya Mehta

Jack Lisowski 5-0 David Grace
Jimmy White 5-3 Adam Wicheard
Peter Lines 5-3 Robin Hull
Joe Swail 4-5 Andrew Norman
Jimmy Robertson 2-5 Passakorn Suwannawatt

Ian McCulloch 5-1 Yu Delu
Joe Jogia 3-5 Kurt Maflin
Xiao Guodong 5-4 Cao Yupeng
Anthony McGill 5-2 Ben Woollaston
Adrian Gunnell 5-2 David Morris

Tomorrow's schedule:

35. Tony Drago v. Liu Song
36. Fergal O'Brien v. Michael White
37. Dave Harold v. James Wattana
38. Anthony Hamilton v. Alan McManus
39. Jamie Burnett v. Liu Chuang
40. Jamie Jones v. Aditya Mehta

41. Mike Dunn v Jack Lisowski
42. Nigel Bond v Jimmy White
43. Barry Pinches v. Peter Lines
44. Robert Milkins v. Andrew Norman
45. Steve Davis v. Passakorn Suwannawatt

46. Matthew Selt v. Ian McCulloch
47. Mark Joyce v. Kurt Maflin
48. Michael Holt v. Cao Yupeng
49. Tom Ford v. Anthony McGill
50. Rory McLeod v. Adrian Gunnell