Shanghai Masters qualifiers 2011 - Day 3

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Jimmy loses his chance to play in China
The third day of the Shanghai Masters Qualifiers hasn't been a very lucky day for snooker legends, Jimmy White and Steve Davis. Unfortunately, both of them have experienced cruel defeats, this meaning we won't be seeing them play in September in China. Jimmy was White-washed by the secret 007 Agent Nigel Bond 5-0, while a very tired and unable to focus Steve Davis lost 5-1 in front of the Thai Passakorn Suwannawatt.

However the day has held beautiful surprises, as to see Jamie Burnett win a very important battle, beating nonetheless the Chinese player Liu Chuang 5-1, a very experienced Fergal O'Brien managed to end on 5-2 scoreline the battle against the youngster Michael White, while "the champions' crasher", Matt Selt didn’t disappoint his fans either, hammering Ian McCulloch 5-1 to set a meeting with Martin Gould tomorrow night.

The Thai James Wattana has continued his perfect run, beating the strategist Dave Harold 5-2, Kurt Maflin has proved he is definitely on fire after he hit two wonderful tons (100 and 123) to crash a very powerful opponent, Mark Joyce 5-0 and Aditya Mehta cashed another victory of 5-4, this time his victim being Jamie Jones. It's actually interesting to see that this is the second time that the Indian player ends on a decider after starting his snooker journey through the qualifiers with a great 5-0 against Stuart Carrington. But what can you do? As one goes further into the woods, greater dangers expect him ... muhahahaha

The Nugget Davis, upset about his defeat
Another classical "pink clash" happened, this time Robert Milkins taking on Andrew Norman. It was, as expected, a genuine battle of cues, the boys using all the frames, until the last man standing had the name Robert written on his t-shirt. What's really funny is that now, Milkins will face another member of the Pink Army - Gerard Greene - and most likely this match will see a decider also.

Needless to say that the day ended with fireworks (NOT) Rory McLeod and Adrian Gunnell taking their time with each frame. Or Rory took his time ... to be more accurate. Anyway, the inevitable happened and the lads finished their snooker dispute on a decider that has sent Adrian into the final round to meet Mark Davis.

Below you have Day 3 results:

Tony Drago 1-5 Liu Song
Fergal O'Brien 5-2 Michael White
Dave Harold 2-5 James Wattana
Anthony Hamilton 5-3 Alan McManus
Jamie Burnett 5-1 Liu Chuang
Jamie Jones 4-5 Aditya Mehta

Mike Dunn 0-5 Jack Lisowski
Nigel Bond 5-0 Jimmy White
Barry Pinches 5-4 Peter Lines
Robert Milkins 5-4 Andrew Norman
Steve Davis 1-5 Passakorn Suwannawat

Matthew Selt 5-1 Ian McCulloch
Mark Joyce 0-5 Kurt Maflin
Michael Holt 5-3 Cao Yupeng
Tom Ford 5-1 Anthony McGill
Rory McLeod 4-5 Adrian Gunnell

Tomorrow marks the last day of the qualifiers so best of luck to all the players and may the best 16 win :-))

51. Mark King v. Liu Song
52. Ricky Walden v. Fergal O'Brien
53. Joe Perry v. James Wattana
54. Ken Doherty v. Anthony Hamilton
55. Dominic Dale v. Jamie Burnett
56. Ryan Day v. Aditya Mehta

57. Marco Fu v. Jack Lisowski
58. Marcus Campbell v. Nigel Bond
59. Andrew Higginson v. Barry Pinches
60. Gerard Greene v. Robert Milkins
61. Stephen Lee v. Passakorn Suwannawatt

62. Martin Gould v. Matthew Selt
63. Liang Wenbo v. Kurt Maflin
64. Barry Hawkins v. Michael Holt
65. Stuart Bingham v. Tom Ford
66. Mark Davis v. Adrian Gunnell
*all hours are UK time