Players Tour Championship Event 5 (2011) - preview

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The time has come to leave behind the exotic Brazil and go back to base, meaning the UK. And so everything would be clearer, I'm talking about the city of snooker, good old Sheffield. 
Players Tour Championship will kick off on September 21st (aka. today ... or tomorrow, that depends on when you are reading this piece) with its usual two days of qualifying rounds so the lads better have their cue sharpened and be ready for some competitive snooker.

If last season's PTCs had 12 different winners this years series of minor ranking tournaments have starter by following the same pattern. PTC 1 title was conquered by Ronnie O'Sullivan, closely followed by Judd Trump who took PTC 2 under his belt, then it came the amazing victory that Ben Woollaston had over Scotland's Graeme Dott during PTC 3 and finally we ended up with a big smile upon our faces, smile that "The Jester from Leicester" was responsible for after winning the PTC 4 event, also known as Paul Hunter Classic.

So after four PTCs we have four different winners. Can this change with the fresh start of PTC 5, or at the end of it a brand new player will be crowned king of the baize? Only time will tell.
However, if there's something I'm sure of, is the fact that we shall witness some really cracking matches, although, let's face it, the cubicles are not such a fun place to play in.

But first things, first - we must begin out journey with the two days of the qualifiers so here's Day One match schedule:

From 10am

Sam Harvey v. Shane Castle
Phil O'Kane v. Sydney Wilson
David Gray v. Michael Wild
Joel Walker v. Shaun Wilkes
Marc Harman v. James Murdoch
Bash Marqsood v. Mike Hallet
Jonathan Birch v. Clark Lillyman
Rogelio Esteiro v. Antony Parsons

Not before 12am
Matthew Day v. Martin O'Donnell
Michael Lesley v. Terry Challenger
Chen Zhe v. Alex Davies
Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon v. Martin Ball
Kishan Hirani v. Steve Ventham
Duane Jones v. Jan Stark
John Whitty v. Kashif Khan
Jamie Barrett v. Stephen Craigie

Not before 2pm
Stephen John Barton v. Ben Harrison
James Silverwood v. Justin Astley
Jamie Green v. Chris Norbury
Gareth Allen v. Les Dodd
Zak Surety v. Dessie Sheehan
Robert Tickner v. James Hill
Robert James v. David Singh
Jordan Winbourne v. Ross Jones

Not before 4pm
Jamie O'Neill v. Hasan Khan
Patrick Wallace v. James Cahill
Alan Edmonds v. Eden Sharav
Saqib Nasir v. Marc Davis
Michael Wasley v. Jamie Rhys Clarke
Sachin Plaha v. Nico Elton
Michell Travis v. Oliver Lines
Hans Blanckaert v. Oliver Brown

Not before 6pm
Kyren Wilson v. Ashley Carty
John Sutton v. Brent Kolbeck
Richard King v. Tom Maxfield
James Brown v. Lee Page
Zhang Anda v. Alex Taubman
Brian Morgan v. Allan Taylor
Lee Farebrother v. David Birley
Danny Brindle v. Nick Jennings

Not before 8pm
Douglas Hogan v. Nikolas Charalambous
Michell Mann v. Tony Knowles
Elliot Slessor v. Najmur Khan
Liam Monk v. Ian Glover
Omer Butt v. Sean Hopkin
George Marter v. Ricky Norris
*all hours are UK time

All matches will be played by "best of 7" rule and since these are the qualifying rounds we won’t have any live transmissions. However, that will chance as soon as the main event will kick off, meaning starting with September 23rd.