Players Tour Championship Event 5 (2011) - Day 2 (the qualifiers)

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Allan Taylor
The second, and last day, of the qualifying rounds of this year's PTC 5 ended last evening by sending into the main event the most courageous cue gladiators. Although there were some surprises here and there the "traditional" pattern was partially respected.

Now, why do I say partially? One of the reasons is that although Allan Taylor managed to book himself a place into the next round after beating Lee Farebrother 4-1, Ben Harrison was whitewashed 4-0 by Stephen Craigie. And we all know that we were kind of used to see these two lads going hand in hand. Still, Craigie is a tough opponent and yesterday's victory proves is.

Moving on, the Thai with the endless name, Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon put an end to China's Chen Zhe run with a 4-1 scoreline. Not to worry though, for Zhang Anda moved into the main event due to his 4-0 result over Lee Page.

A glorious day for David Grace who beat Joe Walker by 4-3, for Martin O'Donnell who cashed yet another victory this time in front of Michael Leslie, 4-0, but also for Chris Norbury who continued his great journey through the balls with a 4-2 scoreline against Justin Astley and for Kyren Wilson, who registered the same result by playing Hans Blanckaert.

Double T
Scotland's Eden Sharav booked himself a snooker meeting with Neil Robertson after defeating Marc Davis 4-2, while Northern Ireland's Patrick Wallace is set to face PTC 3 winner, Ben Woollaston after hammering Jamie O'Neill 4-1. 

But not everyone will continue to fight on the Sheffield’s fields, for Nick Jennings lost the decisive frame in front of Douglas Hogan, while Reanne Evans was defeated 2-4 by Mitchell Travis.

Below you can check Day 2 list of results:

From 10am
Sam Harvey 4-2 Sydney Wilson
David Gray 4-3 Joel Walker
Mike Hallett 4-1 James Murdoch
Martin O'Donnell 4-0 Michael Leslie
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon 4-1 Chen Zhe
Duane Jones 4-3 John Whitty
Stephen Craigie 4-0 Ben Harrison
Chris Norbury 4-2 Justin Astley

Not before 12pm
Les Dodd 4-2 Zak Surety
Rob James 4-3 Jordan Wimbourne
Patrick Wallace 4-1 Jamie O'Neill
Eden Sharav 4-2 Marc Davis
Michael Wasley 4-0 Nico Elton
Kyren Wilson 4-2 Hans Blanckaert
Zhang Anda 4-0 Lee Page
Allan Taylor 4-1 Lee Farebrother

Not before 2pm
Ian Burns 4-0 Jonathan Birch
Jake Nicholson 3-4 Antony Parsons
Ryan Causton 0-4 Kishan Hirani
Jak Jones 4-3 James Hill
Reanne Evans v 2-4 Mitchell Travis
Andrew Milliard 2-4 John Sutton
James McGouran 4-1 Tom Maxfield
Nick Jennings 3-4 Douglas Hogan

Not before 4pm
Mitchell Mann 4-1 Najmur Khan
Ashley Wright 4-3 Ian Glover
Sean O'Sullivan 4-2 Sean Hopkin
Christopher Keogan 4-1 Ricky Norris

Today’s match schedule:

From 9am
6. David Gilbert 4-1 Mike Hallett
7. Sam Craigie 4-1 Cao Yupeng
8. James Wattana 2-4 Ian Burns
17. Joe Perry 4-0 Kishan Hirani
18. Stephen Maguire 2-4 Peter Ebdon
19. Mike Dunn 3-4 Gerard Greene
20. Ricky Walden 4-0 Duane Jones

Not before 11am
5. Ding Junhui 4-3 David Gray
9. Passakorn Suwannawat 4-3 Paul Davison
10. Robbie Williams w/o Lucky Vatnani
11. Jamie Cope 0-4 Antony Parsons
12. Jamie Burnett 4-1 Martin O'Donnell
13. Mark Joyce 1-4 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
14. Gary Wilson 3-4 Shaun Murphy
15. Simon Bedford v. Barry Pinches
16. Stephen Hendry 3-4 Anthony Hamilton

Not before 1pm
1. Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Mark Williams
2. Peter Lines 4-1 Sam Harvey
3. Andy Hicks v. Jack Lisowski
4. Mark Davis v. Andrew Norman
29. Xiao Guodong v. Rob James
30. Andrew Higginson v. Joe Meara
31. Ben Woollaston v. Patrick Wallace
32. Yu Delu v. Liu Song

Not before 3pm
21. Graeme Dott v. Stephen Craigie
22. Joe Jogia w/o Robin Hull
23. Dave Harold v. Chris Norbury
24. Stephen Lee v. Adam Wicheard
25. Marcus Campbell v. Ian McCulloch
26. Nigel Bond v. Les Dodd
27. Tom Ford v. David Hogan
28. Jimmy Robertson v. Jak Jones

Not before 5pm
65. Winner of match 1 v. Winner of match 2
66. Winner of match 3 v. Winner of match 4
67. Winner of match 5 v. Winner of match 6
68. Winner of match 7 v. Winner of match 8
69. Winner of match 9 v. Winner of match 10
70. Winner of match 11 v. Winner of match 12
73. Winner of match 17 v. Winner of match 18
74. Winner of match 19 v. Winner of match 20

Not before 7pm
71. Winner of match 13 v. Winner of match 14
72. Winner of match 15 v. Winner of match 16
75. Winner of match 21 v. Winner of match 22
76. Winner of match 23 v. Winner of match 24
77. Winner of match 25 v. Winner of match 26
78. Winner of match 27 v. Winner of match 28
79. Winner of match 29 v. Winner of match 30
80. Winner of match 31 v. Winner of match 32

Not before 9pm
97. Winner of match 65 v. Winner of match 66
98. Winner of match 67 v. Winner of match 68
99. Winner of match 69 v. Winner of match 70
100. Winner of match 71 v. Winner of match 72
101. Winner of match 73 v. Winner of match 74
102. Winner of match 75 v. Winner of match 76
103. Winner of match 77 v. Winner of match 78
104. Winner of match 79 v. Winner of match 80
 *all hours are UK time

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