Players Tour Championship Event 6 (2011) - preview

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As September is coming to an end we are flying to Poland for the Players Tour Championship Event 6. The beautiful and full of history capital, Warsaw, will be sniffing snooker for the next four days. A great line-up of players, internationally known, as well as Poland's local stars will engage in a genuine battle of cues for the tournament that precedes the seedings cut-off point.

Until now, we have five different winners for each PTC event. This year's series started with Ronnie O'Sullivan taking the first event under his belt, followed by young Judd Trump who shined in Gloucester. A very nice surprise followed up next, as Ben Woollaston won the first ranking event of his career (PTC 3), while Mark Selby conquered Germany's hearts and souls by taking the PTC 4 title (aka. Paul Hunter Classic).
The previous edition saw another player making his way into the world of winning his first pro title, Andrew Higginson being the latest acquisition of the PTCs.

Now, things are more serious than ever, especially for those who still have a place into the TOP 16 and have strong desire to keep it. If they will succeed or not, it is a question that will soon find its answer.

The usual pattern of having two days fully dedicated to the qualifying rounds will be broken, as only tomorrow we won't have our LIVE share of snooker. This means that with only one day for the qualifiers, the rest will grab our attention because ... what do you know?! This is an European event and you know what European events have? LIVE Eurosport coverage!!!

So from Friday on please tune in on EuroSport to support your favourite players. They will really need it. 

But first, here's tomorrow's match schedule:

1. Hans Blanckaert v. Ryan Causton
2. Brent Kolbeck v. Mitchell Travis
3. Sydney Wilson v. Oliver Brown

4. Rafal Gorecki v. Kamil Zubrzycki
5. Aleksander Zok v. Vladyslav Vyshnevsky
7. Najmur Khan v. Krzysztof Wrobel
9. Piotr Wardowski v. Martin O'Donnell
10. Karol Lelek v. Piotr Murat
11. Sean O'Sullivan v. Marcin Nitschke
12. Mateusz Baranowski v. Jaroslaw Kowalski
14. Krzysztof Kubicki v. Robert Zablocki

8. Jacek Konarski v. Winner of match 1
13. Vitaliy Ivaniv v. Winner of match 2
15. Michal Zielinski v .Chen Zhe
16. Pawel Kasprzycki v. Ashley Wright
17. Tomasz Skalski v. Damian Matysiak
18. Tomasz Gieraltowski v. David Singh
19. Alex Taubman v. Daniel Derezinski

20. Pawel Rogoza v. Maciej Relich
21. Kevin Dabrowski v. Krzysztof Gorniak
22. Tomaz Malecki v. Michal Ebert
23. Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon v. Essam Saadeh
24. Tetyana Volovelska v. Adrian Materek
25. Micheal Wasley v. Winner of match 3
26. Michal Matuszczyk v. Alex Davies
27. Bartlomiej Orzechowski v. Adam Polak

6. Allan Taylor v. Jonathan Birch
28. Marek Slomlanowski v. Phan Quoc Binh
29. Karol Szuba-Jablonski v. Michal Lyjak
30. Liam Monk v. Ian Burns
31. Ben Harrison v. Reanne Evans
32. Shane Castle v. Wojciech Bojewski
33. Mark Owens v. Wiktor Doberschuetz
34. Adam Stefanow v. Chris Norbury
35. Phil O'Kane v. Marcin Jewtuch
*all hours are UK time