Premier League goes to Motherwell

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It's that time of the week ... that time when we kind of put aside all we know about classic snooker and we embrace a fast and furious one. Premier League's third week of cue action will start tomorrow evening in the town of Motherwell where four players will try their best to earn as many points as possible.

This week the current world champion John Higgins will take on the 2010 world champion Neil Robertson, while the "Chinese Sensation" Ding Junhui will face the fresh champion of Brazil Masters, Shaun Murphy.

Now, I must say that apart from Ding Junhui, all the other three players have had their share of this year's Premier League. More or less, for not all of them have scored high.

The 2011 and the 2010 world champions will face each other
For example, John Higgins although beating Jimmy White 3-0, lost 0-3 to Matthew Stevens in Premier League's first week, while Neil Robertson has been truly unlucky getting his arse kicked by the same Matthew Stevens 3-0 during the same week.
Shaun Murphy however, has a better position in the rankings as he managed to defeat the king of the Premier League, Ronnie O'Sullivan by 3-2. Still, he lost the final match of the competition's second week, Mark Williams being responsible for hammering him 3-1.

Ding Junhui starts his Premier League journey by taking on Shaun Murphy
So, this means that Murphy has four points, closely followed by Higgins and his bag of three points. Neil Robertson has yet to grab some, so this week will be crucial for him. 

Probably that the most favoured player is the Chinese Ding Junui, as this will be his first match. The first impression always counts so I'm sure he'll try his best in order to provide a good one. Also, a good start gives you a lot of confidence, so this will he a very important day for him.

Below you can check the provision rankings of this year's Premier League:

Matthew Stevens 6 points
Mark Williams 6points
Shaun Murphy 4 points
John Higgins 3 points
Ronnie O'Sullivan 2 points
Jimmy White 0 points
Neil Robertson 0 points

Tomorrow, the cue action will start from 7.30pm (UK time) on Sky Sports 2

SF 1: John Higgins v. Neil Robertson
SF 2: Ding Junhui v. Shaun Murphy
Final: Higgins/Robertson v. Ding/Murphy

Enjoy snooker my dears! :-)