Premier League knocks on Doncaster's door

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"Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "It’s the Snooker's Premier League. We've come for our forth week of cue action." "Come in, come in, we are all waiting for you. I'm sure we'll have a ball."

As you can imagine, because Thursday is the name of the day, the Premier League caravan is on the road again and this time it will make a stop in the beautiful town of Doncaster. The absolute king of the Premier League, Ronnie O'Sullivan, will face the man who rocked during week one of this lovely competition, Matthew Stevens, while Ding Junhui will take on the "Captain" Ali Carter.

For O'Sullivan this is his second match, his first appearance being during Premier League's second week of action. Back then things didn't go as planned for the "Rocket", who lost the decisive frame of the semis to Shaun Murphy, this earning him only 2 points.
However, I'm sure he'll try his best to reach tonight’s final and even win it. And just between you and me, I don’t think he needs to try so hard ... after all, he is the master of fast snooker.

Rocket v. Welsh Dragon
Matthew Stevens was the one who blew our minds away during Premier League's first week, when he was on fire. He performed two whitewashes in just one night, first by putting Neil Robertson in the corner and then by beating the current world champion, John Higgins in the final. It was a smashing victory for the Welshman and the most perfect start for a new season of Premier League snooker. Hopefully he'll keep up that beautiful performance tonight, because although he's on top of list with 6 points, the snooker caravan has plenty stops to make and each match is important.

Ding will face the "Captain" Carter
"The Chinese Sensation" Ding Junhui had a pretty good start during last week series of matches, even though he didn't win the final. But he did manage to end on a great decider against Shaun Murphy, whom he beat 3-2. However, he was hammered by the revived Neil Robertson 3-1, this leaving him with 4 points. That's not bad, but I have the strange feeling that the little Chinese player wants more. Good choice, Ding!

Ali Carter will be at his first Premier League appearance so a good impression is vital. Not just for the fans as much as for his self-confidence. Although Neil Robertson had a very poor start, this making him to literally rock around the snooker table last week and win the weekly competition's final, it is best to be safe and win as much as you can. So best of luck to the Captain.

The cue action will start at 7.30pm (UK time) on SkySports 1 and below you can check the schedule:

SF1: Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Matthew Stevens
SF2: Ding Junhui v. Ali Carter
Final: O'Sullivan/Stevens v. Ding/Carter

Please don’t be shy and try in order to take a glance at the boys, as well as