World Seniors Championship 2011 draw

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Jimmy White is the defending champion
Last night was not only about the Premier League, but also about the return of the World Seniors Championship tournament. So between the semis and the grand final, Sky Sports presented the draw for this year's seniors competition that will take place in Peterborough.

Andy Goldstein, Ronnie Wood and defending champion Jimmy White presented the draw for the second edition of the World Seniors Championship. The event will take place between 5 and 6 of November and will feature 16 players, from which 12 are invited and four need to qualify.

A big difference from last year's edition is that a 30 seconds shot-clock will take the over, which seems a bit silly, if you ask me, but we are in the era of fast snooker so it might just make sense... probably ... at some point ... I don't know ... it still feels wrong :-)))

The age limit to enter the competition has changed, from over 45 to over 40 and I must also add that all matches will be "best of three". Another thing that I'm not very fond of, since the players, although not in their hey-day, are certainly able to play at a competitive level and a "best of 7" rule would have been nice, especially for the final. But maybe, since there are only two days of match playing and 16 players, things had to be short.

The good news (yes, I have one of those too!) is that SkySports announced they will televise the entire event, unlike last year, when they only showed the highlights over Christmas.

For those of you who want to see the legends in action, you can buy tickets from here, but hurry up, for the venue in Peterborough has only 430 seats and for such a special occasion you must think ahead.

Below you can check the draw:

John Parrott v. Joe Johnson

Jimmy White v. Tony Knowles

Tony Drago v. Steve Davis

Qualifier 3 v. Qualifier 1

Qualifier 4 v. Qualifier 3

Dene O'Kane v. Neal Foulds

Cliff Thorburn v. Alain Robidoux

Nigel Bond v. Dennis Taylor