How are the players preparing for Halloween

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The famous Halloween is almost here and the snooker players are, of course, preparing for this event. Although there's no snooker involved the lads have the right to a bit of entertainment, so here's how they've decided to dress up.

First, we have the proud owner of the first ranking position - Mark Selby. The Jester from Leicester is always ready to entertain the crowd, but also ready to step up and make a remarkable comeback into the game. Don't let yourselves fooled by this master of disguise! :-P

Now it's time for the machine! The rising machine that pots one ball after another being almost unstoppable. Well, maybe from time to time he doesn't do justice to himself and doesn't play at his best, but what can I say? We all have our dark times. Let's hear it for the Welsh Potting Machine - Mark Williams!

Always ready to master the laws of magic with his unique magic cue, Shaun Murphy manages to steal one wow after another when he's performing in front of a large crowd. Competitive and ready to travel the world high and low, the Magician is responsible for bringing the superb magic into the crazy snooker world.

But we can’t have too much magic in snooker, so someone has to be the "bad guy", the man that represents the law and the order in the Snooker Kingdom. That man is "The Sherriff of Pottingham" and he's the one that the players must obey.

Every town has its own super hero so snooker has one too in the person of Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Green, fluffy and adorable - here's how nowadays dragons look like. But that's only an appearance, for when the time is right, our Welsh Dragon Matthew Stevens breaths fire and everything in order to get his well deserved victory.

Responsible for flying the private snooker jet, the Captain Ali Carter is always on duty when the situation require a firm hand and a lot of commitment.

He's well known for his unmistakable poker face, but from time to time, when he's lifting a shiny trophy you can see this little but quite powerful Chinese player smile. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ding Junhui!

With years of experience in winning fancy tournaments, the Wizard of Wishaw (John Higgins) sits comfortably in his chair and thinks of the next move. Does he go for another world title, or not? I believe he will. ;-)

What would life be without colors? What would snooker be without his colorful character, the Spaceman Dominic Dale? Either he's flying high, or singing at the top of his lungs, Dom is the person that everyone wants to be around ... even when he's singing??? :-))

Not even the CIA or the FBI know what this guy is doing. After he shot the "Shoot-Out" crown at the beginning of this year, the "007 Agent" of snooker, Nigel Bond has became the person most wanted in the snooker world. Still, no one knows where he might be hiding ... do you?

Like Britney Spears would say "He's not a boy, not yet a man", but still he's one hell of a player. With great chances to become the next Super Man of the Snooker Kingdom, here's Judd Trump!!!

He ruled the golden days of snooker but that magical golden sparkle is not lost for good. "The Nugget" Steve Davis is still capable of upsets and to be honest, I'm not surprised, since we are talking about a six-time world champ. Like dhaaaa!!!

There have been occasions when his head was up in the clouds (missing the train, misplacing his passport) so many have been tempted to treat him like a silly little girl. But underneath all that lies the "Thunder from Down Under" and he'll grab any occasion to prove you wrong - here's Neil Robertson!

Returning to our beloved or not so beloved hero, O’Sullivan - SuperMan. Believe it or not, but he's not always a hero, for many have described him as the Frankenstein of snooker. And many have wanted his head off. Still, none prevailed. I wonder why is that? Maybe the fact that when he really wants it he’s a wonderful player has something to do with it ... just sayin' :-P

Saving the best for last, I give you the Master of Snooker - Stephen Hendry! Words don't seem to do him justice, so I'll just say this: May the snooker force be with you Hendry! :-))


BALLdrick said...

Funny stuff, where is need to post this on one of their twitter accounts and watch it spread like wild fire....kudos for imagination ;0)

@BALLdrick thank you. It's been a while since I did this article, so thank you for reminding me of it ;-) Glad you enjoyed it, btw.