Players team up for Legends Cup

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Each snooker fan has his own favourite player, or maybe even two or three, but when it comes to the legends of this sport the answer is mostly the same: "We love them all!". 

The snooker legends are those who have made snooker what it is now, without them many of nowadays players wouldn't even got interested in the sport. They wrote history and some of them are still doing it on the Main Tour. They were responsible for the first maximum breaks, for the first punch-the-air-when-you-win, for the endless days we spent practically glued to the television or stayed patiently on our seats looking directly at them.

When "Snooker Legends Tour" started its journey everyone was excited and so many fans have been able to see, maybe for the first time, the faces of those who rocked around the snooker tables for so many years. A beautiful journey down to memory lane, a lot of laughs, a lot of fans living the dream of shaking the hand of a player that has touched their lives in a very special way.

With snooker breaking so many boundaries lately it is only normal to look towards the future and think of exciting new ways of keeping the sport alive and the fans satisfied. And that's how the man behind the "Snooker Legends Tour", Jason Francis came up with the idea of "Legends Cup".
The legends of the sport and some very heavy names, that are still rocking the snooker business, will team up for a grand event that will definitely bring a lot of joy around the snooker fans.

Did I get your attention?
Good, now let's see what's this all about, shall we?

What is Legends Cup

Basically we will have two teams: England and Northern Ireland on one side and the Rest of the World, on the other. 

England and Northern Ireland's team will be carefully lead by Dennis Taylor, as the captain, along with his magnificent line-up: Ronnie O'Sullivan, Jimmy White and John Parrott, while Canada's Cliff Thorburn will take over The Rest of the World team of brilliant and brave soldiers: Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty and Tony Drago.

The matches will be carefully refereed by Michaela Tabb and "the flying Dutchman of snooker" Jan Verhaas, while John Virgo will continue to delight the audience with his "where's the cue ball going?" commentary.

How the Legends Cup is being played

There will be four sessions. The first three sessions will see two doubles matches and four singles, while the last one is eight singles.
Teams earn one point per match won and the captains will need to delegate their players before each session. No double pairing can be repeated which means that all team members will partner each other once.
The first team to get 18 points is declared the winner.

How the concept was brought to life

Jason Francis had the idea of putting together a Legends Cup for quite some time, while in August 2010, Dennis Taylor was expressing his desire to see a revived Snooker Cup in the pages of Belfast Telegraph, remembering the days when he and his team were winning one tournament after another.

Jason said: "I've always enjoyed the Ryder Cup in Golf and also remember the team world championships in snooker.  I spoke to the players about my ideas during the Legends events and they offered full support to make it happen."

"When Dennis made those comments it was on the back of discussions we had had on tour. Canada had a fantastic team with Cliff, Kirk, Bill and later on Alain but you always felt Ireland lacked the third world class player to join Dennis and Alex, so the fact they won when they did is even more remarkable.  Bear in mind that the England teams with Jimmy, Parrott and a young Ronnie were no push over either!"
"Tony and Ken have done some events before for us and Hendry will appear in some more Snooker Legends events next year. Having Jan Verhass join us is great, but generally our events only need one official so Michaela covers them, it's not a bad alternative though is it! Great guy who I look forward to getting to know even more."

So with a line up that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes, we should definitely expect a "blast from the past".

The event will take place next year, the weekend after the World Championship, between May 11-13 at the Bedworth Civic Hall in the Midlands so be sure to get your share of team snooker treat. Tickets go on sale on November 4th and you can buy yours here:

Box Office: 024 7637 6707

For the Legends Cup press release click here.