Players Tour Championship Event 7 (2011) - Day 1 (the qualifiers)

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May the PINK Force be with you!
Yesterday marked the start of a brand new PTC, this time number seven seeing the snooker balls rolling down the green baize. 
The location is set at the lovely South West Snooker Academy from Gloucester and for the first time in the history of the PTCs, the players won't have to wear those "dreadful" waistcoats and bow-ties, but pink polo t-shirts. It's no secret that the South West Snooker Academy team fights of a good cause (trying to raise awareness over breast cancer) and they even have a special tournament fully dedicated to raise money for it - The Pink Ribbon Tournament.

However, this time an entire ranking competition has been turned into a very pinkish and special event that also runs under the name of "Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy". Suzanne, for those of you who don't know the story, was Mr. Paul Mount's loving sister, who unfortunately died from breast cancer at only 39, in 2002. 

The players have been potting balls with the name of HiQ fast fit network logo on their sleeves, the entire organizational team hoping that this event, besides being a snooker success, will also attract donations that will be given to World Snooker's official charity Haven House Children's Hospice, as well to Breast Cancer Care, charity picked by the SWSA team.

According to PTC tradition, the first two days are dedicated to the qualifying rounds and that's what the players have been up to yesterday as well as today. But let's see how everything went during the very first pink day.

Reanne pi(N)cks her first victory
It can be said that the majority of the Pink Army soldiers had a very good start, for Reanne Evans scored her very first victory against Michael Leslie 4-2, followed Jamie O'Neill who hammered Joel Walker 4-1 and Kyren Wilson who defeated a very tough opponent, Chen Zhe 4-2. Michael Wasley got a bye due to the fact that Jon Birch withdrew from the event, but sadly Shane Castle missed the opportunity to go further in the competition after being crashed 4-0 by Mitchell Mann.

The "Amazing Two" (aka. Ben Harrison and Allan Taylor) ended their first day of cue battle with another one being guaranteed to happen today, both of them consuming all their frames in order to obtain a 4-3 victory; Harrison beat Stephen Craigie, while Taylor saw Kishan Hirani out.

Among those responsible for the whitewashes of the day were Chris Norbury who defeated Shaun Wilkes, Patrick Wallace who ended Callum Lloys's PTC dream, Duane Jones who beat Robert Tickner, Nick Jennings who won over George Marter, but also Sam Harvey who crashed Hans Blankaert.

The Thai Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon started his snooker journey with another beautiful victory, a 4-2 against Terry Challenger while the Chinese Anda Zhang registered a 4-1 scoreline against Thomas Emes.

Below you can check Day 1 list of results:

1 Jordan Winbourne 4-3 Jamie Barrett
2 Geoff Williams 4-0 Hasan Khan
3 Shaun Wilkes 1-4 Christopher Norbury
4 David Bailey 3-4 Liam Monk
5 Douglas Hogan v. Sydney Wilson w/o
6 Les Dodd 3-4 John Sutton
7 Callum Lloyd 0-4 Patrick Wallace
8 Michael Leslie 2-4 Reanne Evans

Not before 11am
9 Robert Tickner 0-4 Duane Jones
10 John Whitty 2-4 Jamie Clarke
11 Ashley Wright 4-3 Steve Ventham
12 Shane Castle 0-4 Mitchell Mann
13 Jamie Walker 2-4 Alex Taubman
14 Lewis Mayes v Danny Brindle w/o
15 Ricky Norris 2-4 Oliver Brown
16 Martin O'Donnell 4-2 Ross Summers

Not before 1pm
17 Jon Birch v Michael Wasley w/o
18 James Buck 3-4 Adam Bobat
19 David Gray 4-2 Del Smith
20 Ryan Causton 4-1 Lee Page
21 Joe Delaney 4-0 Christopher Keogan
22 Marc Harman 1-4 Zak Surety
23 Jamie O'Neill 4-1 Joel Walker
24 Kyren Wilson 4-2 Chen Zhe

Not before 3pm
25 Ian Glover 4-1 Bash Maqsood
26 James Hill 3-4 James Cahill
27 Marek Slomianowski 0-4 Gareth Allen
28 Ian Stark 1-4 Martin Ball
29 Mike Finn 4-3 Phil O'Kane
30 George Marter 0-4 Nick Jennings
31 Darren Bond 4-2 George Pragnell
32 Ben Harrison 4-3 Stephen Craigie

Not before 5pm
33 Greg Batten v Richard King w/o
34 Tony Knowles 1-4 James McGouran
35 Marc Davis v David Birley w/o
36 Michael Wild 4-0 Najmur Khan
37 Jonathan Fulcher 1-4 Billy Castle
38 Tom Maxfield v Ross Jones w/o
39 Thomas Emes 1-4 Zhang Anda
40 Andrew Milliard 2-4 Sean O'Sullivan

Not before 7pm
41 Justin Astley 4-0 John Woods
42 Allan Taylor 4-3 Kishan Hirani
43 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon 4-2 Terry Challenger
44 Dale Pope 0-4 Matthew Day
45 Lim Kiat 4-0 Kashif Khan
46 Ian Burns 4-0 Mitchell Travis
47 Sam Harvey 4-0 Hans Blanckaert
48 Brent Kolbeck v James Welsh w/o

Not before 9pm
49 Michael Judge v Gary Weeks w/o
50 Brian Morgan 4-1 Rees Carter
51 Jake Nicholson 4-1 Lee Farebrother
52 Adam Nash 2-4 Tommy Ang
53 James Brown 4-1 Nikolas Charalambous

Today's matches schedule:

54 Saqib Nasir 2-4 Jordan Winbourne
55 Geoff Williams 1-4 Chris Norbury
57 Sydney Wilson 0-4 John Sutton
58 Patrick Wallace 4-2 Reanne Evans
60 Jamie Clarke 2-4 Ashley Wright
62 Alex Taubman 4-2 Danny Brindle
63 Oliver Brown 0-4 Martin O'Donnell
65 Adam Bobat 2-4 David Gray
67 Joe Delaney 4-0 Zak Surety

Not before 12pm
68 Jamie O'Neill v. Kyren Wilson
71 Gareth Allen v. Martin Ball
72 Mike Finn v. Nick Jennings
73 Darren Bond v. Ben Harrison
75 James McGouran v. Marc Davis
76 Michael Wild v. Billy Castle
77 Tom Maxfield v.. Zhang Anda
78  Sean O'Sullivan v. Justin Astley

Not before 2pm
56 Ali Bassiri v. Liam Monk
59 Robbie Williams v. Duane Jones
61 David Singh v. Mitchell Mann
79 Allan Taylor v. Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
80 Matthew Day v. Lim Kiat
82 Sam Harvey v. James Welsh
83 Gary Weeks v. Brian Morgan
85 Tommy Ang v. James Brown

Not before 4pm
64 Alex Davies v. Michael Wasley
66 Gary Wilson v. Ryan Causton
69 Sachin Placha v. Ian Glover
70 Ryan Thomerson v. James Cahill
74 Jak Jones v. Greg Batten
81 Oliver Lines v. Ian Burns
84 Eden Sharav v. Jake Nicholson
*all hours are UK time