Players Tour Championship Event 7 (2011) - Day 2 (the qualifiers)

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It's pink, it's lovable, but also a genuine battle of cues: it's PTC Seveeeeeeeeeeeeen ! And yesterday the last round of the qualifiers took place, bringing more players to face the dangerous opponents of the main event. 

Several OnQ Promotions players, also known as veritable soldiers of the Pink Army, got the chance to book themselves a place into the first round of the main PTC 7. This is the case of Kyren Wilson, who defeated his pink comrade Jamie O'Neill 4-3, of Michael Wasley who won 4-2 over Alex Davies, but also of Jak Jones who hammered Greg Batten 4-1. Unfortunately, the best representative figure of what pink means - the mighty "lady of snooker" Reanne Evans - was unable to follow her colleagues as he lost 4-2 to Northern Ireland's Patrick Wallace.

No surprise to see Chris Norbury get a place into the tournament as he beat Geoff Williams 4-1, or see another whitewash being performed by Martin O'Donnell, this time his victim being Oliver Brown.
Almost following the first round of the qualifiers' pattern, Ben Harrison and Allan Taylor recorded victories of 4-3, Ben in front of Darren Bond and Allan in front of the Thai Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon, while Nick Jennings brought Mike Finn down to his knees with a 4-0 final result.

China's Anda Zhang has also qualified for the event after defeating Tom Maxfield 4-2, Scotland's Eden Sharav grabbed himself a spot for the main event with a 4-1 applied to Jake Nicholson, while Justin Astley beat Sean O'Sullivan by the same scoreline.

Below you can check Day 2 list of results:

54 Saqib Nasir 2-4 Jordan Winbourne
55 Geoff Williams 1-4 Chris Norbury
57 Sydney Wilson 0-4 John Sutton
58 Patrick Wallace 4-2 Reanne Evans
60 Jamie Clarke 2-4 Ashley Wright
62 Alex Taubman 4-2 Danny Brindle
63 Oliver Brown 0-4 Martin O'Donnell
65 Adam Bobat 2-4 David Gray
67 Joe Delaney 4-0 Zak Surety

Not before 12pm
68 Jamie O'Neill 3-4  Kyren Wilson
71 Gareth Allen 4-0 Martin Ball
72 Mike Finn 0-4 Nick Jennings
73 Darren Bond 3-4 Ben Harrison
75 James McGouran 4-1 Marc Davis
76 Michael Wild 0-4 Billy Castle
77 Tom Maxfield 2-4 Zhang Anda
78  Sean O'Sullivan 1-4 Justin Astley

Not before 2pm
56 Ali Bassiri 0-4 Liam Monk
59 Robbie Williams 1-4 Duane Jones
61 David Singh 1-4 Mitchell Mann
79 Allan Taylor 4-3 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
80 Matthew Day 4-3 Lim Kiat
82 Sam Harvey 4-1 James Welsh
83 Gary Weeks 1-4 Brian Morgan
85 Tommy Ang 3-4 James Brown

Not before 4pm
64 Alex Davies 2-4 Michael Wasley
66 Gary Wilson 4-3 Ryan Causton
69 Sachin Placha 0-4 Ian Glover
70 Ryan Thomerson 4-1 James Cahill
74 Jak Jones 4-1 Greg Batten
81 Oliver Lines 2-4 Ian Burns
84 Eden Sharav 4-1 Jake Nicholson

Today match schedule:

9 Mark King v. Ian McCulloch
10 Anthony McGill v. Patrick Wallace
11 Jamie Burnett v. Duane Jones
12 Ryan Day v. Daniel Wells
17 Dominic Dale v. Kacper Filipiak
18 Neil Robertson v. Anthony Hamilton
19 Andrew Higginson v. Marco Fu
20 Tony Drago v. Scott MacKenzie

Not before 11am
5 Stephen Maguire v. Liam Monk
6 Barry Hawkins v. Stuart Carrington
7 David Morris v. Liu Song
8 John Higgins v. John Sutton
13 Marcus Campbell v. Liu Chuang
14 Stuart Bingham v. Barry Pinches
15 Dechawat Poomjaeng v. Ashley Wright
16 Rory McLeod v. Mitchell Mann

Not before 1pm
1 Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Jordan Winbourne
2 Xiao Guodong v. Aditya Mehta
3 Craig Steadman v. Chris Norbury
4 Martin Gould v. Rod Lawler
29 Matthew Selt v. Jack Lisowski
30 Michael Holt v. Mark Williams
31 Ben Woollaston v. Kyren Wilson
32 Joe Jogia v. Tian Pengfei

Not before 3pm
21 Andrew Pagett v. Alex Taubman
22 Michael White v. Martin O’Donnell
23 Robert Milkins v. Michael Wasley
24 Passakorn Suwannawat v. Gerard Greene
25 Stephen Hendry v. David Gray
26 Stephen Lee v. Gary Wilson
27 Jamie Cope v. Joe Delaney
28 Joe Perry v. Adam Wicheard

Not before 5pm
65 Winner of match 1 v. Winner of match 2
66 Winner of match 3 v. Winner of match 4
67 Winner of match 5 v. Winner of match 6
68 Winner of match 7 v. Winner of match 8
69 Winner of match 9 v. Winner of match 10
70 Winner of match 11 v. Winner of match 12
73 Winner of match 17 v. Winner of match 18
74 Winner of match 19 v. Winner of match 20

Not before 7pm
71 Winner of match 13 v. Winner of match 14
72 Winner of match 15 v. Winner of match 16
75 Winner of match 21 v. Winner of match 22
76 Winner of match 23 v. Winner of match 24
77 Winner of match 25 v. Winner of match 26
78 Winner of match 27 v. Winner of match 28
79 Winner of match 29 v. Winner of match 30
80 Winner of match 31 v. Winner of match 32

Not before 9pm
97 Winner of match 65 v. Winner of match 66
98 Winner of match 67 v. Winner of match 68
99 Winner of match 69 v. Winner of match 70
100 Winner of match 71 v. Winner of match 72
101 Winner of match 73 v. Winner of match 74
102 Winner of match 75 v. Winner of match 76
103 Winner of match 77 v. Winner of match 78
104 Winner of match 79 v. Winner of match 80
 *all hours are UK time

Don't forget that two tables per each session will be broadcasted each day and you can watch the lads in action on .