Players Tour Championship Event 8 (2011) - Ireland on snooker map

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On the road to Killarney
What can I say? It was about bloody time to see some snooker being played in Ireland. What, was I a bit rude? Maybe, but come on! This country has such a great history with snooker, many players have come from its lovely territories and the first PTC Grand Finals that was held here proved once more that fans were eager to see some live cue action.

Starting this Thursday for the next four days, snooker will return to Ireland in the beautiful town of Killarney. And to add some strange and totally unrelated information to the subject, on September 5th the town was named as being Ireland's tidiest town. How about that?
But returning to snooker, this PTC, the 8th of its series, has its own identity. It is called "Alex Higgins International Trophy", which in my opinion is a great tribute to one of snooker's greatest players. Hopefully Alex will look down at this event and bring all the players that enrol in it good luck.

As usual, we have the qualifying rounds, this time only one day being granted so amateur players can earn a spot on the main event. This being a European PTC means that it will be fully broadcasted by EuroSport, but the transmission will start from Friday on.

PTC 8 is honoring a legend
Looking back since we saw the first PTC, I must admit we've come a long way. Only four more will be played and then the first ranked 24 players will go straight to the grand finals. Until now, Ronnie O'Sullivan has been the only player who managed to cash two titles (PTC 1 and PTC 7 - also known as Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy), the rest of the champions conquering just a single PTC crown. But they have plenty of time to remediate that problem, so there's nothing to worry, really.

However, with O'Sullivan's second victory the standard was raised a bit, so maybe players like Judd Trump (PTC 2 champion), Ben Woollaston (PTC 3 champion), Mark Selby (PTC 4 - aka. Paul Hunter Classic champion), Andrew Higginson (PTC 5 champion) or Neil Robertson (PTC 6 champion) will take seriously into account to repeat the performance on winning the final.

On the other hand, the players that weren’t so fortunate to grab the champion’s crown until now will definitely try their best to get it, so I dare to say we are up for some thrilling cue action in the following days.

Below you have Day 1 match schedule:


1 Ashley Wright v. Alan Cleary
2 Alistair Wilson v. Daniel O'Regan
3 John Torpey v. Ricky Norris
4 Tom O'Driscoll v. Patrick O'Rourke
5 Donal Foran v. Ray Power
6 Philip Browne v. Paddy Murphy
7 Gerard McAuley v. Gary Crawford
8 Daniel Kirby v. Keith Sheldrick
9 Colm Gilcreest v. David Cassidy
10 Derek O'Neill v. Jonathan Nelson

11 John Sutton v. Phil O'Kane
12 Daniel Dempsey v. David Gray
13 Jamie Walker v. Mark Tuite
14 Josh Boileau v. Patrick Wallace
15 Jonathan Birch v. Robert Redmond
16 Clinton Franey v. Martin O'Donnell
17 Thomas Dowling v. Michael Mullen
18 Karl Fitzpatrick v. Jonathan Fulcher
19 Anthony Cronin v. Hans Blanckaert
20 Declan Brennan v. Jonathan Fulcher


21 John Friel v. Ryan Cronin
22 Anthony O'Connor v. Allan Taylor
23 Sydney Wilson v. Douglas Hogan
24 Jordan Brown v. Chen Zhe
25 Mike Hallett v. Najmur Khan
26 Paul Ennis v. Paul Currie
27 Kieran McMahon v. Robbie Walker
28 Nick Jennings v. Frank Sarsfield
29 Robert Murphy v. Tony Knowles
30 Martin Ball v. Zhang Anda


31 Mickey Ryan v. Sean McMonagle
32 JP Kelly v. Aiden O'Sullivan
33 David Singh v. Derry O'Sullivan
34 Ryan Causton v. Karl Busteed
35 Alex Davies v. Matthew Day
36 Liam Monk v. Joe Delaney
37 Greg Casey v. Jamie O'Neill
38 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon v. Julian Logue


39 Philip Arnold v. Benny O'Brien
40 Jonathan Williams v. Mitchell Travis
41 Stephen Byrne v. Alex Taubman
42 Craig Hannigan v. Brian Milne
43 Ben Harrison v. Kevin O'Leary
44 Connell Doherty v. Stephen Craigie
45 James Welsh v. Mitchell Mann


46 Reanne Evans v. Winner of match 1
47 Ian Burns v. Winner of match 2
48 Winner of match 3 v. Winner of match 4
49 Michael Wasley v. Winner of match 5
50 Winner of match 6 v. Winner of match 7
51 Winner of match 8 v. Winner of match 9
52 Winner of match 10 v. Winner of match 11
53 Gareth Allen v. Winner of match 12


54 Winner of match 13 v. Winner of match 14
55 Eden Sharav v. Winner of match 15
56 Winner of match 16 v. Winner of match 17
57 Gary Wilson v. Winner of match 18
58 Dessie Sheehan v. Winner of match 19
59 Winner of match 20 v. Winner of match 21
60 Robbie Williams v. Winner of match 22
61 Winner of match 23 v. Winner of match 24


62 Les Dodd v. Winner of match 25
63 Oliver Brown v. Winner of match 26
64 Winner of match 27 v. Winner of match 28
65 Sean O'Sullivan v. Winner of match 29
66 Jak Jones v. Winner of match 30
67 Winner of match 31 v. Winner of match 32
68 Sam Harvey v. Winner of match 33
69 Winner of match 34 v. Winner of match 35


70 Kyren Wilson v. Winner of match 36
71 Chris Norbury v. Winner of match 37
72 Winner of match 38 v. Winner of match 39
73 Ray Whelan v. Winner of match 40
74 Winner of match 41 v. Winner of match 42
75 Craig Steadman v. Winner of match 43
76 Bash Maqsood v. Winner of match 44
77 Shane Castle v. Winner of match 45
*all hours are UK time

Best of luck to all the players and let the Alex Higgins International Trophy" tournament begin!