Players Tour Championship Event 8 (2011) - Day 2

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Ronnie's out!
The second day of the PTC 8, also known as the Alex Higgins International Trophy, brought with it a few surprises, like the fact that the PTC 1 and PTC 7 (aka. the Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy) champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan was eliminated soon after starting the race, losing 4-1 to the Chinese player Xiao Guodong.

But on a brighter note, Martin Gould and Mark Allen seemed to have found some good form, while Gerard Greene managed to get a place into the Last 16 for the first time since the beginning of this year's PTCs.

The current world champion, the Scot John Higgins, managed to get a spot in the next round by beating Ian Burns 4-1, Nigel Bond 4-2 but also Ashley Wright by the same scoreline, while the 2010 world champion Neil Robertson followed him next after recording a 4-1 in front of Gary Wilson and Tony Drago and a perfect 4-0 against Joe Jogia.

Believe it or not but Mark Allen got a place in the Last 16 round for the first time since the season kicked off, which is strange since we all know what a great player he is. With wins of 4-0 over Paul Davison and Mike Dunn and 4-1 over David Gilbert, the North-Ireland's player secured his future in the tournament.

Mark Allen reaches the Last 16
Another Pink Army soldier was soon to repeat the performance of reaching the famous Last 16, Gerard Greene winning two tough battles against Sam Craigie and Fergal O'Brien 4-3 and defeating another dangerous opponent in his last match, Xiao Guodong by 4-2.

It was good to see Martin Gould playing at his best, the Englishman using scorelines like 4-1 in the match played against Gareth Allen, 4-2 in front of the "Iceman" Jamie Burnett and ending on an even higher note: a perfect 4-0 against Jamie Jones.
A bit more revived, Ryan Day followed his snooker colleagues into the Last 16 after obtaining victories of 4-2 over John Torpey, 4-1 against Liu Song and 4-0 in front of Mark Joyce, but also after hitting the highest break of the tournament, a beautiful 142 in his second match.

Gouldie back in business
The Thai Dechawat Poomjaeng wrote history last night in Ireland after he successfully managed to get a place into the Last 16 round for the first time ever. He came very close to reach this goal during PTC 1 and 5, but he would always lose the last match. Not last evening!

He started his journey through the balls with a tight 4-3 victory in front of Jordan Brown, continued by hammering the master Stephen  Hendry 4-1, only to end his day by taking down another Scotsman, this time his victim being Stephen Maguire whom he beat 4-2.

Dechawat Poomjaeng writes history
Last match of the day was the one that saw Ben Woollaston getting the last of the Last 16 round spots. The PTC 3 champion defeated Liang Wenbo 4-2, Liam Highfield 4-3 and former 2010 PTC champion, Tom Ford by repeating the last scoreline.

Below you can check Day 2 list of results:

Round 1

5 Marcus Campbell 0-4 Ashley Wright
6 Passakorn Suwannwat 4-3 Barry Pinches
9 Ryan Day 4-2 John Torpey
10 Simon Bedford 3-4 Liu Song
11 James Wattana 4-1 Mark Williams
12 Mark Joyce 4-0 Michael Wasley
13 Mark Allen 4-0 Paul Davison
14 Mike Dunn w/o Anthony Hamilton
15 Peter Lines 3-4 Philip Browne
16 David Gilbert 4-2 Keith Sheldrick

7 John Higgins 4-1 Ian Burns
8 Nigel Bond w/o Ian McCulloch
17 Jamie Burnett 4-1 John Sutton
18 Martin Gould 4-1 Gareth Allen
19 Matthew Stevens 4-0 Jamie Walker
20 Jamie Jones 4-0 Robert Redmond

21 Tony Drago 4-1 Clinton Franey
23 Joe Perry 4-0 Anthony Cronin
24 Joe Jogia 4-1 Joe Swail
25 Dominic Dale 4-3 Cao Yupeng

2 Xiao Guodong 4-3 Peter Ebdon
3 Sam Craigie 3-4 Gerard Greene
4 Fergal O'Brien 4-3 Daniel Wells
26 Stephen Maguire 4-2 Ryan Cronin

1 Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-0 Aditya Mehta
27 Stephen Hendry 4-2 Robbie Williams
28 Dechewat Poomjaeng 4-3 Jordan Brown
29 Tom Ford 4-3 Liu Chuang

22 Neil Robertson 4-1 Gary Wilson
30 Jamie Cope 4-3 Mike Hallett
31 Ben Woollaston 4-2 Liang Wenbo
32 Liam Highfield 4-1 Rod Lawler

Round 2

65 Ronnie O'Sullivan 1-4 Xiao Guodong
66 Winner of match 3 v Winner of match 4
67 Ashley Wright 4-1 Passakorn Suwannwat
69 Ryan Day 4-1 Liu Song
70 James Wattana 2-4 Mark Joyce
71 Mark Allen 4-0 Mike Dunn
72 Philip Browne 0-4 David Gilbert
73 Jamie Burnett 2-4 Martin Gould
74 Matthew Stevens 2-1 Jamie Jones
76 Joe Perry 0-4 Joe Jogia

68 John Higgins 4-2 Nigel Bond
75 Tony Drago 1-4 Neil Robertson
77 Dominic Dale 2-4 Stephen Maguire
78 Stephen Hendry 1-4 Dechawat Poomjaeng
79 Tom Ford 4-2 Jamie Cope
80 Ben Woollaston 4-3 Liam Highfield

Round 3

97 Xiao Guodong 2-4 Gerard Greene
98 Ashley Wright 2-4 John Higgins
99 Ryan Day 4-0 Mark Joyce
100 Mark Allen 4-1 David Gilbert
101 Martin Gould 4-0 Jamie Jones
102 Neil Robertson 4-0 Joe Jogia
103 Stephen Maguire 2-4 Dechawat Poomjaeng
104 Tom Ford 3-4 Ben Woollaston.

Today the fun continues, the match schedule being available below:

Round 1

33 Judd Trump v. Adam Wicheard
34 Andrew Pagett v. Andrew Norman
35 Marco Fu v. Oliver Brown
36 Michael White v. Matthew Couch
37 Luca Brecel v. Nick Jennings
38 Anthony McGill v. Sean O'Sullivan
39 Stephen Lee v. Zhang Anda
40 Sam Baird v. JP Kelly
43 Alan McManus w/o Robin Hull
44 Dave Harold v. Alex Davies

42 Steve Davis v. Shaun Murphy
45 Rory McLeod v. Kyren Wilson
46 Mark King v. Scott MacKenzie
49 Yu Delu v. Jack Lisowski
50 Andy Hicks v. David Grace
51 Adam Duffy v. Robert Milkins

48 Ali Carter v. Adrian Gunnell
52 Li Yan v. Jamie O'Neill
53 Ricky Walden v. Julian Logue
64 Mark Selby v. Alfie Burden

41 David Morris v. Sam Harvey
54 Matthew Selt v. Jonathan Williams
56 Stuart Bingham v. Alex Taubman
57 Barry Hawkins v. Craig Steadman

47 Ken Doherty v. Joe Meara
58 Kurt Maflin v. Stuart Carrington
59 Michael Holt v. Stephen Craigie
60 Andrew Higginson w/o Lucky Vatnani

55 Jimmy White v. David Hogan
61 Mark Davis v. Mitchell Mann
62 Jimmy Robertson v. Tian Pengfei
63 Graeme Dott v. Kacper Filipiak

Round 2

81 Winner of match 33 v. Winner of match 34
82 Winner of match 35 v. Winner of match 36
83 Winner of match 37 v. Winner of match 38
84 Winner of match 39 v. Winner of match 40
85 Winner of match 41 v. Winner of match 42
86 Winner of match 43 v. Winner of match 344
87 Winner of match 45 v. Winner of match 46
88 Winner of match 47 v. Winner of match 48
89 Winner of match 49 v. Winner of match 50
90 Winner of match 51 v. Winner of match 52

91 Winner of match 53 v. Winner of match 54
92 Winner of match 55 v. Winner of match 56
93 Winner of match 57 v. Winner of match 58
94 Winner of match 59 v. Winner of match 60
95 Winner of match 61 v. Winner of match 62
96 Winner of match 63 v. Winner of match 64

Round 3

105 Winner of match 81 v. Winner of match 82
106 Winner of match 83 v. Winner of match 84
107 Winner of match 85 v. Winner of match 86
108 Winner of match 87 v. Winner of match 88
109 Winner of match 89 v. Winner of match 90
110 Winner of match 91 v. Winner of match 92
111 Winner of match 93 v. Winner of match 94
112 Winner of match 95 v. Winner of match 96
* all hours are UK time

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