Premier League caravan parks in Exeter

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While the majority of the players are sharpening their cues to fight in Ireland's PTC 8 (aka. Alex Higgins International Trophy), four brave lads are heading towards the historical city of Exeter for Premier League's week seven. Ali Carter, Judd Trump, Shaun Murphy and Neil Robertson are the names of the players that will try to equally delight the audience and to earn some more points for the road.

The first semi-final of the night will see the "Captain" Ali Carter taking on the "Ace" Judd Trump.
Although Carter is no stranger from the Premier League and his performance includes reaching the week's final twice, it also implies losing that final ... twice.

First it happen when he lost 3-1 in front of Ronnie O'Sullivan, back on Premier League's week four (if you well remember Ali missed to touch a red for three times on a row although more than just one crazy red was available and so he threw away the forth frame and also the match) and second, it happen not so long ago, last week in Weston-Super-Mare, when Ding Junhui kneeled him down with the same 3-1 scoreline.

Carter will face Trump
At the moment Carter has 8 points, which is not bad I must confess, but it also doesn’t guarantee him a place in the final stages. With two more participations left (including the one from tonight) the "Captain" needs to secure a safe flight towards the final destination.

On the other hand, his opponent, Judd Trump will come to this snooker meeting a bit more relaxed. He has no more than 6 points in his pocket, all of them thanks to winning Premier League's week five. Back then he hammered Mark Williams 3-1 and whitewashed Matthew Stevens 3-0 to wow the audience and prove he deserves to be taken into a account when we make "who will be this year's champion" predictions.
However, this is not the time to settle, he still needs victories to see himself safely in the final stages of this competition so with his eagerly-to-win opponent, the Bristo-boy must definitely avoid to be caught off-guard.

Murphy and Robertson have a snooker date this evening
The second semi-final will see Shaun Murphy facing Neil Robertson.
Shaun has exactly 6 points in his bag after two participations. He made his debut in this year’s Premier League during the second week when he beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 3-2 to reach the final, but unfortunately for him lost it 3-1 in front of Mark Williams. His second appearance wasn't going to be a lucky one the Englishman losing the first match to Ding Junhui after a genuinely thrilling battle that ended on a 3-2 final result.
Right now Murphy's fate in this competition depends very much on tonight's performance.

The Australian Neil Robertson started his Premier League race by losing from the very first week. That's right! He lost 3-0 to Matthew Stevens. But one can't keep a world champion away from victory for too long, so during week three he successfully completed a full run beating John Higgins 3-0 and Ding Junhui 3-1. So after collecting 6 points and with two more weeks of showing he means serious business (including tonight), Neil will definitely give his best to wins as many frames as possible this evening. This match announces itself to be a tough battle.

So, I invite you to tune in from 7.30 pm (UK time) on Sky Sport 1 to witness some Premier League matches.

SF 1: Ali Carter v. Judd Trump
SF 2: Shaun Murphy v. Neil Robertson
Final: Carter/Trump v. Murphy/Robertson

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