Premier League reaches Weston-Super-Mare

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Half now ... half later
"Wohooo, we're half way there - Livin' on a prayer..." or something like that. The truth is that we really are "half way there", there meaning the day then we shall know the new Premier League champion, because this week is the fifth one of a series of 10. Weston-Super-Mare marks the middle of our beautiful journey with the fast and furious caravan of snooker's Premier League so tonight your favourite sport will enter your homes around 7.30 pm (UK time) once more.

The fifth week of cue action will see the names of Mark Williams, Judd Trump, John Higgins and Matthew Stevens. The first two will take on the first semi-final, while the last two will entertain us for the other one.

It will be a world premier to see Judd Trump taking part in the Premier League, this being his first time around. However, he is a fast player so I highly doubt it that he'll find trouble in hitting the ball taking into account the obsessive "tic-tac" of the shot-clock. 
On the other hand, Mark Williams is not a slow player either and he has quite a good and meaningful experience with this format so this first semi-final will surely keep us glued to the TV screen.

Williams will take on Trump
But moving on to serious business (aka. points and ranking positions), for Trump this being his first apparition he definitely needs a good start to keep his hopes up. As for Williams, although he’s the proud winner of the Premier League’s week two (when he defeated Shaun Murphy 3-1) and has 6 precious points in his pocket, he also needs a good run tonight. If you well remember, Mark wasn't quite at his best back then so a bit more confidence will definitely be required this evening.

The second semi-final will feature the names of John Higgins and Matthew Stevens. 
Even though he is the current world champion, Higgins hasn’t got a very decent run during this year's Premier League. He made his debut right from the beginning of the competition when he was whitewashed during the final by ... guess who? Matthew Stevens. And things got worse during week three when he didn’t even manage to get into the final as Neil Robertson crashed him 3-0 in the first match of the evening. 
So after two appearances, "The Wizard of Wishaw" has only 3 points. Needless to say that he desperately needs a good result tonight.

Scotland meets Wales
Matthew Stevens on the other hand, started his journey in the best form of his life. He recorded two scorelines of 3-0, first against Neil Robertson and then against John Higgins in order to be crowned the first winner of Premier League's week one of action.
However, week four didn't go so great. It's true he can't be blamed too much for he didn’t get too much time table, but still a loss is a loss and a week ago he was seen out by Ronnie O'Sullivan who beat him 3-0.
With 6 points in his bag Stevens is, as well as Mark Williams, on second place but, once again as his fellow-country, he is in need of a good result tonight to retain that place.

Until now, on top of the list we have Ronnie O'Sullivan with 8 points, followed by Mark Williams, Matthew Stevens, Neil Robertson and Shaun Murphy, each with 6 points, Ding Junhui and Ali Carter with 4, John Higgins with 3 and Jimmy White with, unfortunately, none.

So, tonight from 7.30 pm (UK time) on SkySports 2 the action begins.

SF 1: Mark Williams v. Judd Trump
SF 2: John Higgins v. Matthew Stevens
Final: Williams/Trump v. Higgins/Stevens

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