We are going through changes

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World Snooker has announced some changes to the World Professional Tour, changes that will mainly be applied with the start of the 2013/2014 snooker season.

Picture this: Kelly Osbourne and her dad, the Black Sabbath leader Ozzy, standing on some really old yet fancy chairs and singing "We're going thought changeeeeeees!"
Well, I highly doubt it that the lads from World Snooker had that kind of meeting, but you get the picture and the main phrase here: snooker is going through some massive changes.

With everything that's happening in this crazy and totally unstable world is no wonder that those who have the vision of the future must also know how to embrace a simple, yet complex change.

World Snooker, in conjunction with the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) have decided that for the 2013/2014 season the number of players that will get a spot on the main tour should increase from 96 to 128.
Another important news is that the players that will get a "free pass" on tour after graduating "magna cum laude" from the Q School (next May) will be able to retain that pass for a period of two years, unlike now when the victory obtained only guarantees a year next to the professional players.

But maybe one of the most stunning information is this:
"A further part of this review [it refers to the review made in conjunction with the WPBSA] will include the option of fundamentally changing the ranking system so that it is based on prize money earned, rather than ranking points."

"Money, money, money must be funny...
Now that's interesting! So, it doesn't matter how many points you have, the money will do the trick. Well, more or less, for I’m sure there’s more information from where that came from.
Also, as you can see it is just an "option" not a decision, so let's not read too much into it for now. It is a huge decision and it has to be made in conjunction with many other aspects. 

Regarding the first two decisions, they seem quite reasonable.
It makes perfect sense to see a player that got a place on tour after winning a Q School event retain that spot for two years. More since the cut-off points are made considering the last two years of performing snooker. Also I'm sure it will put an enormous pressure on the players that want a place on the Main Tour.

To increase the number of players from 96 to 128 is also a good idea, for it will raise the sport’s standard. We all know there are amateur players that don’t hold a sport on the Main Tour but their achievement as far better than the ones who got one. I mean it’s simple, more spots=more talented players. However, we shall have to see how those extra 32 players will get a place on tour. So many things are yet to be clarified.

Barry Hearn, the chairman of World Snooker said: 

"Our sport is changing and we need to adjust the structure of the pro tour to reflect that. We are expanding on a global scale and we need to provide more opportunities to international players, and allow all players to develop their careers with the most talented ones rising quickly to the top.

"We are currently in a consultation process and will continue to work closely on this with The WPBSA. Further updates will be announced in due course."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said: “Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” – can’t agree more.

So, I leave you with the song I was telling you about at the beginning of this bid ( what can I say? I feel very musical today). Enjoy it and be prepared … for changes! ;-)