World Seniors Championship 2011 (the qualifiers) - Day 1

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It's a gentlemen's duel
The gentlemen of snooker have been reunited today under the roof of the lovely South West Snooker Academy from Gloucester. The task? To win as many matches as possible in order to qualify for the World Seniors Championship. And for eight players half of the road to Peterborough has been already made.

The Welshman Tony Chappel managed to hit the first century of the qualifiers, a beautiful 101 that won him the second round match against David Tayor 2-0. Previously he beat Jimmy O'Shea 2-1.

Whitewash was the name of the game for both David Roe and Steve Meakin. Roe beat the first player to ever win the UK Championship, Patsy Fagan 2-0, and continued with the same scoreline against Les Dodd, while Meakin applied a cruel 2-0 over Wayne Jones and Ali Bassiri.

Another player that booked himself a place into tomorrow's quarter-finals is Karl Townsend, whose scorelines of 2-1 against David Singh and 2-0 over John McBride were enough for just a win away spot, while Steve Ventham followed him closely with a 2-1 registered by playing Dean Reynolds and a perfect 2-0 in front of Andrew Milliard.

Barry Stark and Darren Morgan will also use their cues tomorrow, Stark winning 2-0 over Ian Brundy and Morgan beating Mike Hallet by the same scoreline.

Gary Wilkinson was the lucky player who only needed to win his first match (2-0 with Gary Miller) for he got a bye straight to the quarter-finals due to Alain Rubidoux’s withdrawal and Doug Mountjoy getting a spot on the main event.

Below you can check Day 1 list of results:

Round 1

1 John Welsh 0-2 Ian Brumby
2 Andrew Milliard 2-1 Steve Newbury
3 Dean Reynolds 1-2 Steve Ventham
4 David Roe 2-0 Patsy Fagan
5 Les Dodd 2-0 Tony Brown
6 Kevin Uzzell 1-2 Mike Hallett

7 Karl Townsend 2-1 David Singh
8 Stephen Meakin 2-0 Wayne Jones
9 Dessie Sheehan 1-2 Ali Bassiri
10 David Taylor 2-0 Christopher Flight
11 Jimmy O'Shea 1-2 Tony Chappel
12 Gary Miller 0-2 Gary Wilkinson

Round 2

13 Barry Stark 2-0 Ian Brumby
14 Andrew Millard 0-2 Steve Ventham
15 David Roe 2-0 Les Dodd
16 Darren Morgan 2-0 Mike Hallett

17 John McBride 0-2 Karl Townsend
18 Steve Meakin 2-0 Ali Bassini
19 David Taylor 0-2 Tony Chappel
20 Gary Wilkinson BYE

Tomorrow the cue battles will continue, the list for the quarter-finals matches being released ... well, tomorrow ;-)