World Seniors Championship 2011 (the qualifiers) - Day 2

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Darren Morgan is through to the main event
All good things must come to an end and today we will have to leave the South West Snooker Academy and move to another snooker friendly orison. 

The qualifying rounds for the World Seniors Championship are finished and now it's time to meet the four gentlemen who will add their names to the ones of the main event.

Wales can be proud of its man, Darren Morgan who crashed his opponent, David Roe by hitting in breaks of 54 and 33.

However, the remaining spots have all been occupied by Englishmen. Steve Ventham won the decider against Barry Stark 2-1, as well as Garry Wilkinson in front to the only player that hit a century break during the qualifiers, Tony Chappel.
Karl Townsend has also booked himself a place into November's snooker event by winning 2-0 over Steve Meakin using two breaks of 32 in the process.

So, this means that we have the final draw for the World Seniors Championship tournament, due to take place in Peterborough on November 5 and 6.

Jimmy White v. Tony Knowles
John Parrott v. Joe Johnson
Tony Drago v. Steve Davis
Dene O'Kane v. Neal Foulds
Cligg Thorburn v. Doug Mountjoy
Nigel Bond v. Dennis Taylor
Steve Ventham v. Karl Townsend
Darren Morgan v. Gary Wilkinson

The tournament will see Jimmy White trying his best to defend the title, this year’s winner being able to go home with £18,000 in his pocket.

There is still time to buy tickets for this lovely event, which will also be covered by Sky Sports television, by entering here. My advice? Don't miss the chance to see the gentlemen of snooker at work. It's going to be a blast!