World Seniors Championship 2011 (the qualifiers) - ready for take off

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The Players Tour Championship Event 7 ended, but we've decided to remain at the lovely South West Snooker Academy. I mean, why not? It is comfy, nice and above all this it's pink! 

Moving on to serious matters now, the World Seniors Championship qualifiers are to take place here for the next couple of days. At the end, four lucky players will find their names written next to the ones of Jimmy White, Steve Davis, John Parrott, Joe Johnson and many others. The main event is due to take place in Peterborough on November 5-6 and will be fully covered by Sky Sports.
Jimmy White, the reigning champion, is waiting to defend his beloved crown.

News flash: Alain Robidoux was going to take on Cliff Thorburn in the first round of the main event, but he had to withdraw due to a scheduled operation on his ear. And so Doug Mountjoy, the 1978 UK Championship winner, will replace him. Since Mountjoy was due to take part in the qualifiers, the winner of the match Gary Wilkinson v. Gary Miller will get a bye to the quarter-finals.

But let's see how the first day of the qualifying rounds looks like, shall we? Oh, and one more thing: all matches are played under the “best of three” rule.

Round 1

1 John Welsh v. Ian Brumby
2 Andrew Milliard v. Steve Newbury
3 Dean Reynolds v. Steve Ventham
4 David Roe v. Patsy Fagan
5 Les Dodd v. Tony Brown
6 Kevin Uzzell v. Mike Hallett

7 Karl Townsend v. David Singh
8 Stephen Meakin v. Wayne Jones
9 Dessie Sheehan v. Ali Bassiri
10 David Taylor v. Chirstopher Flight
11 Jimmy O'Shea v. Tony Chappel
12 Gary Miller v. Gary Wilkinson

Round 2

13 Ian Stark v. Winner of match 1
14 Andrew Millard v. Winner of match 3
15 David Roe v. Les Dodd
16 Darren Morgan v. Winner of match 6

17 John McBride v. Winner of match 7
18 Winner of match 8 v. Winner of match 9
19 Winner of match 10 v. Winner of match 11
20 Winner of match 12 - BYE

You can follow the scorelines here and of course, on this blog ;-)