Players Tour Championship Event 10 (2011) - Here we go again

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PTC 10 is underway
No week without a PTC event - that's how I think, so while the eyes of the snooker fans are most likely to follow what's going on in Norfolk, where the Premier League is underway, in the city of snooker - Sheffield - the 10th event of the PTC series is kicking off.

Although the schedule is a bit unusual, meaning that the tournament is starting on a Sunday and not on a Friday as we have been used to, the battles of cues are surely to be as entertaining and hard as always. The first day is dedicated to the qualifying round, from Monday to Wednesday the main event taking place.

Until this moment, there are only three players that have managed to achieve the unexpected and win a PTC event two times. Ronnie O'Sullivan is the one that broke the ice by taking PTC 1 and PTC 7 titles, Neil Robertson followed up next winning PTC 6 and PTC 8, while Judd Trump took care of grabbing PTC 2 and PTC 9 crowns.
Will this edition see a different winner, or shall we see one of these two lads enlarging their collection of trophies?

As you probably know already the PTCs have 12 events, at the end of the 12th one, 24 players going into the PTC Grand Finals in order to fight for the real trophy. Those 24 players will be selected out of all the players that took part in the PTCs taking into account how much money they earned throughout these tournaments.
There's also a golden rule, meaning that in order to qualify you need to take part in at least three PTCs and three EPTCs (European tournaments).

Considering that we have only three more PTC events left (including this one), the lads are to play at their best and hope to get one of those precious 24 places. 

Below you can check Day 1 match schedule:


1 Liam Monk v. Gary Wilson
2 Christopher Norbury v. Ryan Thomerson
3 Joel Walker v. James Murdoch
4 Sean O'Sullivan v. Barry Stark
5 Greg Davis v. Duane Jones
6 Stephen Ellis v. Jak Jones
7 Ross Higgins v. Jamie O'Neill
8 Christopher Keogan v. Mitchell Mann

Not before 12pm

9 Jeff Cundy v. Omer Butt
10 Michael Sanderson v. William Lemons
11 Stephen Craigie v. Shane Castle
12 Hanzla Zahid v. Shaun Wilkes
13 Scott Bell v. Jordan Winbourne
14 Phil O'Kane v. Sydney Wilson
15 Zhang Anda v. Mitchell Travis
16 Oliver Brown v. Ian Burns

Not before 2pm

17 Ben Harrison v WINNER OF MATCH 1
18 Reanne Evans v Sachin Plaha
19 Paul Metcalf v Robert Tickner
20 Jamie Brown v WINNER OF MATCH 2
21 James McGouran v WINNER OF MATCH 3
22 Nick Jennings v Danny Brindle
23 Craig Steadman v WINNER OF MATCH 4
24 Rogelio Esteiro v Chen Zhe

Not before 4pm

25 Kyren Wilson v. Antony Parsons
26 Kishan Hirani v. Justin Astley
27 Saqib Nasir v. WINNER OF MATCH 5
28 Ashley Carty v. David Singh
29 Hans Blanckaert v. Michael Wasley
30 Alan Edmonds v. Jordan Church
31 Matthew Day v. Zak Surety
32 Robbie Williams v. David Gray

Not before 6pm

33 Billy Brown v. WINNER OF MATCH 6
34 Matthew Gevaux v. Gareth Allen
35 Eric Pei v. Sam Harvey
36 James Hill v. WINNER OF MATCH 7
37 James Cahill v. WINNER OF MATCH 8
38 Darryl Hill v. WINNER OF MATCH 9
39 Thomas Wealthy v. Ricky Norris
40 Michael Leslie v. Jamie Rhys Clarke

Not before 8pm

41 Neal Jones v. Oliver Lines
*all hours are UK time