Power Snooker 2011 - Gould wins first trophy

23:12:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Martin Gould, the 2011 Power Snooker champion
While the crowd was going mad, partially because the people had been drinking a lot and partially because they were really enjoying the final, Martin Gould managed to create the impossible and bring down the defending champion and the man many people think Power Snooker was made for, Ronnie O'Sullivan by 286-258.

"The Pinner Potter" reached the final of this year's Power Snooker edition after defeating Judd Trump, Stuart Bingham and Mark Selby. So not only he managed to beat number one favourite to the title (aka. Ronnie O'Sullivan), but he also kneeled down another important aspirant, Judd Trump. Not to mention that Mark Selby had played beautifully throughout the entire competition and was a fierceful opponent.

But it all came to the final meeting with the one and only Ronnie O'Sullivan and to be totally honest with you it wasn't a bed of roses.
The first frame saw O'Sullivan putting his nose in front (86-54) and not even when he missed to pot the Power Ball, during the very next re-rack, did Gould manage to interfere with his brilliant form. A missed green and O'Sullivan hit a 56 break that was putting him 107 points ahead of Martin.

Ronnie O'Sullivan, the 2011 Power Snooker runner-up
The Rocket continued to consolidate his leading position during the next frame, but (because there's always a but), Gould fought back. He fought back and succeeded to make the gap between them smaller ... about 9 points difference. Bloody amazing! With only 6 minutes left Martin Gould was trailing 258-249!

This was it, the last one, it won’t be any time left for another re-rack. The tension was high and the nerves were getting in the way. Gould took his chances and made a 28 break. It was enough, he was in the lead 281-258 with only one minute and a half left and a single red ball on the table that he strategically hid. 
Safety shots took over but time was running out, was running out and the defending champion was losing his crown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .... it's over! Martin Gould had just won his first trophy! The lad was over the moon.

Gouldie in action
After a short commercial break the ceremony started. Gould was clearly very emotional. He said that all that matters is the trophy because it's his first one. That sums it up so well. 

So after two days of rednecks screaming and shouting whatever their empty minds wanted, after a live band that has nothing to do with music and after some game that supposedly has something to do with snooker, at least we can say it was fun and entertaining.

And what's even more important, the players have behaved like true professionals even if, some of them, I'm guessing, aren't huge fans of this format. But they gave their best and played like true masters of the baize. That's what saved this event and made it a watchable one.