Power Snooker 2011 - the quarter-finals

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Mark Selby, continuing his great run
The second, but also last, day of this year's edition of Power Snooker started with the quarter-finals matches. After some quite entertaining and close matches, four winners were carefully sent though the next round where we expect to see and hear an even more restless crowd of screamers "supporting" or "booo-ing" the players, according to their preferences.

However, the likes of Mark Selby, Martin Gould, Neil Robertson and Ronnie O’Sullivan will continue to do their job and also keep the audience entertain, because that's how these lads are: true professionals.

Mark Selby v. Mark Allen

The "Pistol" Allen didn't shot the victory today
Mark Selby became the first player to get a spot in the semis after giving a lesson of "what's snooker". Not just speed, not just potting balls, not just big breaks, but also some really good safety shots. Of course that he received some very mature "Boooo!" from the rednecks in the audience, but that's just the way it goes with Power Snooker.

The first frame saw Selby taking a very decisive lead 101-15 against his opponent and although Allen had a pretty good chance during the next one, he had the miss fortune of missing a red during the Power Play, Selby coming back for a 61 break and some really cracking safety shots. At the end of it, he was still the man in charge with 190-56.

99 points later the one we know under the name of "Jester from Leicester" was already in the semi-final, Allen not managing to score not even a little tiny point, situation that will persist until the end of the match.
After one more re-rack, the lads shook hands, Selby sealing his victory with a steady 71 break that was making the scoreline go 398-56.
It was almost a one way street, this snooker encounter.

Stuart Bingham v. Martin Gould

A very focused martin Gould gets a semi-final spot
If yesterday both of these lads were practically on fine, today this was valid for only one of them, Martin Gould. The "Pinner Potter" was focused and in control, and dominated the match, although not from the very first beginning.

The first frame ended with the 2011 Australian Goldfields Open champion, Stuart Bingham taking the lead by 14 points, but after the second one was finished, the roles were reversed as Gould was now 30 point up (131-101).

Runs of 62 and 26 were enough to consolidate his leading position, now being just a matter of time until Martin will safely fly into the semis next to Mark Selby.
Even if Bingham managed to hit a beautifully 68 during the last re-rack, it was too late. Way too late. The final score was seeing Gouldie winning 247-180 and getting the second semi-final spot.

Neil Robertson v. Stephen Lee

An Aussie in the semis - Neil Robertson
Two more places were available and one of them was about to be occupied ... by an Australian. 

Although Neil Robertson decided to leave his white socks at home (according to him he watched his match against Maguire from yesterday and was horrified of how bad he looked with his trousers stuffed in his white socks), his great cue action wasn't affected by it.

As the boys started their match, Lee seemed a bit more focused and managed to be the one who closed the table by cleaning the last two balls. This gave him the advantage to also take the lead 65-46. 
As the second frame came to an end, "The Bulldog" Lee repeated his performance of potting the last pink and black, but unfortunately they didn't guarantee him to be in the leading position this time. Robertson had just hit a beautiful 105 break which was putting him in charge of the match.

Robbo made another century intent during the next frame, but he only obtained a 91. Still, it was enough. Enough to secure him a place in the semis. 28 points later the scoreline was becoming 271-125 and Neil was the winner. So long "Bulldog".

Graeme Dott v. Ronnie O'Sullivan

Still defending his crown
The last match of the quarter-finals proved to be the most exciting one also. The defending champion has remained in the race by being just 3 points ahead of Scotland's Graeme Dott.

Although it all started quite well for the "Rocket", after the first frame him being the leader by 54-37, a few minutes later the situation changed and Dott was the man "on top" with 107-66. And he continued to be by hitting a beautiful break of 63 and ending the third rack leading O'Sullivan 182-109.

Dotty was so close to get that last semi-final spot
But then it happened: the comeback! A steady break of 66 hit as only three minutes of cue action were separating them from the end of the match and Ronnie was just 7 points behind Dott. The clock was ticking and Dott had to retain that advantage, but unfortunately for him he couldn't.
Ronnie potted a couple of balls and he was now in change of the match's faith. He was leading 185-182 and with only 40 seconds left the Scottish player couldn't do more. 
The reigning champion was still in the race.

Here are the QFs results:

Mark Selby 398-56 Mark Allen
Martin Gould 247-180 Stuart Bingham
Stephen Lee 125-271 Neil Robertson
Ronnie O’Sullivan 185-182 Graeme Dott

The semis and final will kick off later today and below you can see the match schedule:

18:00 Mark Selby v. Martin Gould
19:00 Neil Robertson v. Ronnie O'Sullivan

Final starts from 20:00 (UK time)

Matches can be viewed on ITV 4 or here: www.sportlemon.tv