Power Snooker 2011 - the semi-finals

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Martin Gould is definitely on fire
An hour of running around the table and the semi-finals of this year's Power Snooker edition were history. Two men made it through the grand final: Martin Gould and Ronnie O'Sullivan, and they did it in the best possible way.
If in the quarter-finals O'Sullivan and Dott ended their cues' battle by being just 3 points apart, Mark Selby and Martin Gould decided to go for it as well. They didn't quite succeed, because the difference between the lads was 7 points, but it sure was entertaining.

End of run for Mark Selby
After a very close start and chasing the little green ball all over the table (the bastard wasn't very co-operative), Gouldie put his nose in front by 10 points (72-62). However the gap was going to become much bigger as the second frame was coming to an end. Due to Selby's foul on a red, Gould collected no more than 78 points from the table and another 22 to go 176-82 in front.

Still, Selby had a chance to provoke quite an upset when his opponent missed an unexpected pink as he was on a 43. Sadly for the Jester, he didn't make too much of it and after hitting a tiny 29 break, "The Pinner Potter" was with one foot and four toes in the final, leading Selby 235-84.

O'Sullivan, cool as a cat
With three minutes left what can one do? Apparently a lot. Especially if you are a great player and world number one. And so, Mark Selby hit the highest break of the tournament, a great 162 to close the match, although not victoriously.
The final result (253-246) was in favour of Martin Gould, who booked himself a very well deserved spot in tonight's final.

A few moments later two other snooker players were entering the arena, Neil Robertson and Ronnie O'Sullivan. Now, with all do respect, was anyone shocked to see Ronnie win this match too? 

Oh, dear ... I'm out!
Just to give you a hint of how things went, by the end of the second frame "The Rocket" had already cumulated no more than 213 points, while poor Robbo had only 47. And to make things even clearer, O'Sullivan hit a beautiful 122 break in the process.

When Ronnie stopped his break at 75, during the third frame, Robertson cleared the table for a 38 break. Not enough though, for he was still trailing 288-99, but it kept his hopes alive to make a comeback.

However 83 points later all seemed lost, even hope. O'Sullivan was unstoppable. Breaks of 22, 72 and 18 were sending Ronnie once again in the final.

Semi-finals result:
Mark Selby 246-253 Martin Gould
Neil Robertson 157-519 Ronnie O'Sullivan

The final:
20:00 (UK time) - Martin Gould v. Ronnie O'Sullivan