Premier League (2011) Ronnie O'Sullivan - ten-time champion

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Ronnie O'Sullivan, the 2011 Premier League champion
Ronnie O'Sullivan beat China's Ding Junhui 7-1 to collect his 10th Premier League title and gets to keep his beloved crown one more year.

After managing to qualify for the 2011 Premier League play-offs by earning 18 precious points, points that put him at the top of the list, O'Sullivan beat Mark Williams 5-2 in the semi-finals in order to book himself a place into the grand final for the 11th time.
Only in 2009 did Ronnie reached the final and lost it. Back then Shaun Murphy was winning 7-3, but that wasn't going to be the case this year.

The first four frames were all cashed by the player also known under the nickname "The Rocket" with breaks of 52, 92, 56 and 24. His opponent had only managed to get one single frame under his belt, before O'Sullivan smoothly moved pass the victory line with runs of 48, 63 and 77.

Who said the runner-up can't smile?
Although Ding didn't play at his best and missed more than one chance to get back at O'Sullivan, he was also extremely unlucky. 

For example on frame six when he was on a steady break of 36 and due to a massive kick he missed to pot a red into the right pocket, or when he stopped his break at just 60 points by missing a red to the left middle, during frame seven, Ronnie returning to the table to win on the black with 63 points.

All that combined with not a perfect cue action and with O'Sullivan’s dominancy over the whole game, resulted into the last named player’s victory. A well deserved victory that adds one more Premier League trophy to Ronnie's collection. Now, he has 10 and that big smile that he showed at the end of the competition says it all: he's more than happy with this achievement.

So after travelling high and low the UK the Premier League caravan stops in Norfolk, where after a weekend of fast and furious snooker O'Sullivan is prolonging his reigning champion status for one more year ... the least.