Premier League caravan stops in Grimsby

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It seems like only yesterday it was a summery August day and the Premier League caravan was stating its journey in Skegness. Now, nine weeks later (and when I say weeks, you know I'm not referring to actual weeks), we shall make our last stop before the play-offs will kick off.
Today, we are in Grimsby to find out who's going to grab the last spot for the final stages, and delight us with his snooker skills next to Judd Trump, Ding Junhui and Mark Williams.

Judd Trump, one of snooker’s recent wonders, is meeting the man with the magic cue Shaun Murphy, while the Premier League's king, Ronnie O'Sullivan is set to face his good old friend Jimmy White.
For Judd and Jimmy nothing more can be done. Mainly because Judd has already got a place in the Premier League's semi-finals (14 points), while, at the opposite corner, Jimmy has no chance what so ever to qualify, taking into account the fact that he only has 2 points in his pocket.

The problem lies in who will get the last spot. Will it be O'Sullivan or Murphy?
But before we start making calculation we must see how both players are doing in matters of points: well, O'Sullivan has 12 and Murphy has 7. Blimey, O'Sullivan is favourite! Can't believe it! The man the has won this event no more than nine times to be favourite? Out of this word, I tell you! 

Can Murphy make something out of this last week?
All jokes aside and although Ronnie has a lot more chances to get that final spot for the play-offs, we can't write off Murphy. Not just yet. Why? Because if Murphy were to win tonight's weekly final he would get 6 points which added to his previous 7 equals 13. Now, considering that O'Sullivan loses his match against White by 3-0, the Rocket could be very easily out. A slight chance, but it has to be considered.

On the other hand, Neil Robertson has the same amount of points as O'Sullivan - 12 -. So, if the Rocket were to lose 3-0 in front of Jimmy White and some other player besides Murphy will win the weekly final (let's say Trump), O'Sullivan will remain with only 12 points. This would mean that him and Robertson would be on the same level.
The rules state that when players are tight on points the one with the least frames conceded will gain priority in front of the one with more. So that will definitely complicate the situation.

White and O'Sullivan  - best buddies
In conclusion the best thing that O'Sullivan can do is to win at least one frame against White if not the match. That is going to secure him a spot in the play-offs.

As for Murphy he has to hope for a lot: first that he can win this week's final and second that O'Sullivan will be whitewashed by Jimmy White. Hard to be on the edge, there's no doubt in that.

But all things aside this will definitely be an entertaining evening especially for the snooker fans that love a bit of tension and mystery.
So, from 7.30pm (UK time) turn your TV and hit your remote control to see the lads performing on SkySports 3.

SF 1: Judd Trump v. Shaun Murphy
SF 2: Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Jimmy White
Final: Trump/Murphy v. O'Sullivan/White

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