UK Championship 2011 (the qualifiers) - Day 2

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A day of clashes
The second day of the qualifying rounds saw some pretty interesting clashes and some pretty intense matches. The "6-5" scoreline was realised in no more than six matches and believe me when I say that the players who were involved in them have really given their best. 

The Chinese team was the first to see its men facing each other. First it was the match between Liu Chuang and Tian Pengfei that ended with the last named one taking down the first, by a clean 6-0 result, while Cao Yupeng defeated a very musical Song Liu 6-3.

Then, the big moment came: the clash between a soldier from the Chinese team and one from the Pink Army's team. Actually there were two and both of them ended up on the same 6-5 result.
And so Adam Wicheard became Xiao Guodong's victim, while Andy Hicks and Li Yan finished their battle of cues late in the night, with the little Chinese player being the winner.

But that was not all. A twist of fate brought face to face two brave pink soldiers: Tony Drago and Andrew Norman. And since only one of them could be the winner, the Goddess Fortuna decided to be the mighty "Tornado" Drago, who used breaks of 86, 58 and 71 to freeze the scoreline at 6-3 in his favour.

"The Whirlwind" strikes again!
Other two OnQ Promotions players made it to the third round, as Jimmy Robertson beat a very courageous and eager to win Kurt Maflin  6-5 and the youngster Michael White kneeled down another player, Barry Pinches losing by 6-4.
Unfortunately not every pink soldier won, Alfie Burden being defeated 6-3 by Adam Duffy, who booked himself a snooker meeting with Rory McLeod for later today.

A very important victory was obtained by last year World Seniors champion and also a Pink Army member, Jimmy White, "The Whirlwind" taking down a very powerful and dangerous opponent, the Thai Passakorn Suwannawat 6-2, by hitting in breaks of 51 and 103.

I can't end this article without mentioning the PTC 3 Event winner, Ben Woollaston, who after a terrific battle of cues managed to win a tough decider against Sam Craigie 6-5 and to properly land in the third round of the UK Championship qualifiers.

Here is Day 2 list of results:

19 Alfie Burden 3-6 Adam Duffy
20 Jimmy Robertson 6-5 Kurt Maflin
21 Jamie Wattana 5-6 Ian McCulloch
22 Liu Chuang 0-6 Tian Pengfei
23 Barry Pinches 4-6 Michael White
24 Ben Woollaston 6-5 Sam Craigie
25 Liu Song 3-6 Cao Yupeng
26 Xiao Guodong 6-5 Adam Wicheard

27 Anthony McGill 6-2 Sam Baird
28 Jimmy White 6-2 Passakorn Suwannawat
29 Peter Lines 6-4 Robin Hull
30 Andy Hicks 5-6 Li Yan
31 Joe Swail 1-6 David Gilbert
32 Adrian Gunnell 6-4 David Grace
33 Mark Joyce 6-5 Rod Lawler
34 Tony Drago 6-3 Andrew Norman

Today's match schedule:

35 Rory McLeod v. Adam Duffy
36 Gerard Greene v. Jimmy Robertson
37 Steve Davis v. Ian McCulloch
38 Nigel Bond v. Tian Pengfei
39 Liang Wenbo v. Michael White
40 Michael Holt v. Ben Woollaston
41 Matthew Selt v. Cao Yupeng
42 Mike Dunn v. Xiao Guodong

43 Joe Jogia v Anthony McGill
44 Jamie Jones v Jimmy White
45 Alan McManus v Peter Lines
46 Jack Lisowksi v Li Yan
47 Robert Milkins v David Gilbert
48 Dave Harold v Adrian Gunnell
49 Anthony Hamilton v Mark Joyce
50 Jamie Burnett v Tony Drago
*all hours are UK time

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