World Seniors Championship 2011 - Morgan lifts trophy

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Darren Moregan - the 2011 World Seniors champion
He is called "The Welsh Wizard" and back in 1996 he beat Stave Davis to win the Irish Masters. Fifteen years later the fate put these two great players face to face one more time. And once again, Darren proved to be the winner.

The Welshman beat Steve Davis 2-1 to become the second player to win the revived edition of the World Seniors Championship.

For Darren, fighting on the green baize for a place in the World Seniors tournament started a while ago, back in Gloucester at the South West Snooker Academy. He crashed both of his opponents 2-0, Mike Hallett and David Roe. The man was ready for the real deal.

During these last couple of days, in Peterborough Morgan continued applying the same scoreline like it was his signature move. First it was 2-0 in front Gary Wilkinson, then "The Grinder" Cliff Thorburn became his victim, only to continue with the one and only defending champion, Jimmy White in the semis.

Steve Davis - the 2011 World Seniors runner-up
However, the final was not to be won by the same result. His opponent, Steve Davis took care of that. 

The match was opened with the Welshman on the run, but when he missed an easy red down to the right middle pocket, Davis jumped in for a 72. It was 1-0 for "The Nugget"

The second frame wore Morgan's name and was sealed with an 86 break Deciding frame was coming up next.

Some tension could be felt in the air, which was only normal, but both players took their turn at the table and tried their best to pot as many balls as possible. 
In the end, the one that made the most out of his chances was Darren whose 60 break was bringing him the 2011 World Seniors Championship title. A well deserved victory.

The finalists: Davis and Morgan
Taking a closer look at Steve Davis performance throughout this tournament, I must say that the Essex man played some really great snooker. A hard fought 2-1 against Tony Drago, followed by a clean 2-0 with Dene O'Kane and John Parrot and some really cracking shots in the process.

This man has still got it and there's really no wonder why he's still kicking ass on the Main Tour.

Last year he lost the World Seniors final to Jimmy White, this year to Darren Morgan, but as he said it so well: "Third time's a lucky charm!", so it is very likely to see Steve Davis lifting next year trophy.
But until next year, we still have tournaments where Davis can produce some really important upsets. Maybe a PTC event? I let the master himself decide. :-)

So after two days of intense snooker the city of Peterborough says goodbye to the legends of snooker and we must also do the same. It was a lovely tournament that will surely grow more and more with each year that will come.

Long live snooker!!!