Players Tour Championship Event 11 (2011) - the qualifying round is underway

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Going back to Sheffield
As the UK Championship's final stages are underway at Barbican Centre from York, back in the city that breathes snooker, Sheffield, the qualifying round for the 11th Players Tour Championship in the process of happening. 

The PTC 11 schedule is a bit odd, since the qualifying round takes place today while the main event starts on 17 of December and ends two days after. What's even more strange is that from 15-16 of December PTC 12 is taking place, partially, for the Last 16, quarter-finals, semis and grand final are due to happen next year in Germany. Felling a bit dizzy, huh?

PTC 11 is the penultimate snooker PTC event from a series of 12, until now only three players managing to win an event more than once. Ronnie O'Sullivan was the one who broke the ice by taking PTC 1 and PTC 7 titles, young Judd Trump followed next winning PTC 2 and PTC 9, while Neil Robertson cashed PTC 6 and PTC 8.

If this edition will have a new name added to the list or an old one, is just a matter of wait-and-see. However, what's most important is that at the end of the 12 events the ones who've scored more money will get a place in the PTC Grand Finals. 
So, if you are a player who: took part in at least three PTCs and three EPTCs (aka. PTC staged somewhere in Europe) and had a very good run scoring points, money and getting as further as possible in the competition you might just have a chance. At the end of the 12th event the organisers will check PTC Order of Merit and the first 24 will automatically get a spot in the PTC Grand Finals.

Below you can check the qualifying round match schedule:

Mark J. Miller v. Steve Ventham
Scott Donaldson v. Chris Keogan
Sean O'Sullivan v. Hans Blanckaert
Michael Wasley v. David Gray
Stephen Groves v. Rogelio Esteiro
Ben Harrison v. James Cahill
Kishan Hirani v. Oliver Brown
Phil O'Kane v. Martin Ball

Not before 12pm
Stuart Wood v. Andrew Milliard
Mitchell Travis v. Zhang Anda
Greg Davis v. Saquib Nasir
Michael Leslie v. Joel Walker
Brandon Winstone v. Chen Zhe
Mitchell Mann v. Wayne Townsend
Ross Muir v. Ashley Gregory
Stephen Winstone v. Chris Norbury

Not before 2pm
Ross Higgins v. Barry Stark
Charlie Waters v. Duane Jones
Ricky Norris v. Sam Harvey
Liam Monk v. George Marter
Matthew Day v. Jamie Gibson
James Hill v. Sachin Plaha
Jamie O'Neill v. Ashley Carty
Reanne Evans v. Tom Maxfield

Not before 4pm
James McGouran v. Ashley Wright
Justin Astley v. Toby Simpson
Thomas Wealthy v. Sydney Wilson
Eric Pei v. Oliver Lines
Shane Castle v. Gareth Allen
Billy Parr v. David Singh
*all hours are UK time