UK Championship (2011) Day 4 - O'Sullivan kicked out, Ding in the QFs

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Trump, first to reach the quarter-finals
The forth day of the second most prestigious tournament in the snooker calendar has clearly been a very entertaining one. We've only witness the first session and yet we've seen two great matches.

The first two names to get through the quarter-finals are those of Judd Trump and Ding Junhui, both of them beating their opponents, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Matthew Stevens respectively by 6-5.

The clash between Judd Trump and Ronnie O'Sullivan went all the way through the last frame, a last frame that saw the "Rocket" get a horrendous kick in his attempt to pot the last black ball and go for a re-spot. He was practically kicked out of the tournament because of that heavy contact.

Kick and go - Ronnie O'Sullivan
Needless to say that the entire match the lads were just one frame apart and that it rained with great, heavy breaks. Still it's interesting to see that O'Sullivan had always been the one to take the lead until Trump won the seventh frame to go 4-3 up. That put quite a pressure on the shoulders of the three-time world champion.

However, he managed to cope with it, a break of 83 levelling the match, while a 69 was sending the "Rocket" one step closer to the victory, 5-4.

Trump on the other hand, was not going to give up so easily so he did his best to force a decider, decider that he won.
And so, a match that saw breaks of 85, 114, 83 and 69 from O'Sullivan and 68, 64, 76 and 98 from Trump ended on a 6-5 final scoreline.

At the press conference that took place after the match O'Sullivan talked about retiring, about not getting too much pleasure from playing in tournaments (note: not snooker, but tournaments) and about needing to find someone and settle down. You can read more about it by reading Snooker Backer's bid right here.

Ding Junhui kept it cool and won
At table number two another match was taking place: Ding Junhui v. Matthew Stevens and it was pretty clear from the beginning who's the most focused player: the Chinese one.

Breaks of 58 and 37 were breaking the ice and putting Ding two points ahead of Stevens, but the Welshman did manage to perform a full comeback by the start of the mid-session interval with a top break of 92.

After the 15-minutes break Ding hit a marvellous 133 to put his nose in front and was very unlucky to miss frame ball during the next frame and stop him break at just 64. Stevens took plenty advantage and cleared with a great 65 to draw level at 3-3.

Unfortunately, Stevens' run ends in the Last 16
One more time the Chinese player got to take the lead, this time by two frames, with a bit of help from breaks like 65 and 68. Ding was now 5-3 ahead, but Stevens wasn't going to lose so easily. 

He seemed like he regained some form as he forced the decider, but everything changed when he missed an easy black and lost the frame and match, by doing so.

The first two quarter-finalists, Trump and Ding, are expecting now to meet their opponents. Trump will be taking a glance at Higgins v. Maguire match, while Ding will pay attention to Dott v. Robertson.

Snooker continues from 7pm (UK time) with:
John Higgins v. Stephen Maguire
Neil Robertson v. Graeme Dott

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23:20 - 02:10 BBC Two (the highlights)
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