UK Championship (2011) - "Pistol" Allen shoots down Walden

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Mark Allen reaches the final
Mark Allen won the semi-final match against Ricky Walden 9-7, to reach the final of a major ranking event for the first time in his career as a professional snooker player.

Although the first session saw the Englishman dominating the picture, things got reversed during the second one, when the Northern-Ireland man made a great comeback that changed the faith of the match fundamentally.

As the first session came to an end Ricky Walden was leading Mark Allen 5-3 and seemed favourite for a place in the final. But Mark had other plans. Plans to make a comeback and win the match.

An early mistake from Walden who left a red on was bringing Allen to the table, but on 43 he lost position. However, minutes later a break of 19 was guaranteeing the proud of Northern-Ireland the first frame of the evening, while a 79 was completing his comeback. The scoreline was now 5-5 and Walden was yet to pot a ball.

Tough luck for Ricky Walden
Two more frames were played until the interval kicked off and both of them were cashed by Allen. The first was a classical steal, Walden missing a brown (which was frame ball) at 60, Allen coming for a 27 that added to his previous 35 put him in the lead. The second frame was won more easily, with a 64 break. 
"The Pistol" could enjoy his cup of tea, he was 7-5 up.

After the break Ricky succeeded to win a very "tormented" frame. Although he left a red on at the beginning, Allen missed to pot it, Walden coming back for a 52, break that was interrupted by an unexpected missed red into the right pocket. But shock! Mark was going to miss to pot it as well, this time Walden turning that chance into an 18 break that was pulling him back a frame to trail 6-7.

Walden and the ref in charge, Jan Verhaas
Runs of 43 and 33 were putting Mark Allen just one step away from a place in Sunday's final, while Walden was trying his best to stay in the game. And he did. At least for one more frame. 

Allen missed a red to the right middle pocket at 54, his opponent coming for just seven points. Fortunately for him Allen missed again (to the same pocket), this time Walden clearing with a 65 until the pink. He was still alive, trailing 7-8.

However, that situation didn't last too long as the Northern Ireland's player hit a great 70 during the next frame to seal his victory at 9-7.

He is going to meet Trump in tomorrow's match and that's one of his biggest achievements so far - a place in a major ranking event final.
The final is being played under the rule of "best of 19" and below you can check the schedule:

Judd Trump v. Mark Allen (1st session)
Judd Trump v. Mark Allen (2nd session)

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