UK Championship (2011) - Tight first session between Robertson and Trump

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Trump - the man who took the lead each time
The first session of the first semi-final ended on a tight 4-4 result, both Trump and Robertson trying their best to put their nose in front. But since that wasn't possible, they settled for a balanced battle of cues.

The 2011 China Open champion got the privilege to break the ice with breaks of 43 and 84 in order to go 2-0 up against the Aussie, but the interval was finding the lads at 2-2 as Robertson used runs of 33 and 49 and a 67 clearance to draw level.

Back in the arena after a 15-minutes break, Neil gave an unexpected opportunity to Judd after a bad safety shot left a red on to the left middle pocket, the Bristol boy making the most of it (aka. a 43 break)  enough to get him in the leading position at 3-2.

Robbo - the man who draw level each time
However an early missed red on just 12 points, during the very next frame, was brining Robbo to the table for a great 105 break that was levelling things once more.

The 7th frame started with Trump missing a black off its spot, but he was lucky enough as to have another opportunity that he turned into a 69 break. He was now back in the lead 4-3.
And to continue on the same note, Robertson hit a 77 during the following frame to get things as tighter as can be, at 4-4.

The lads are continuing their journey through the balls from 7pm, so be sure to follow their run. The first to cash nine frames goes into the grand final.

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