Championship League 2012 - Murphy wins Group Two

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Murphy wins Group Two
Shaun Murphy crashed Mark Selby 3-0 and has become the second player to get a cosy place in Snooker Championship League Winners' Group next to Judd Trump. 

Ironically, Murphy was runner-up in Group One, when he lost the decider 3-2 to Trump.

The player we all known to be nicknamed "The Magician" used all his magical powers to cash a well deserved victory by whitewashing world number one, Mark Selby 3-0.

Murphy started his Group Two journey by taking on the same Mark Selby and losing 3-1, but he kept it cool and won the next couple of matches, 3-1 against Stuart Bingham and 3-0 over Mark Davis. 
Day 2 started in the same way as the first one, with a defeat, Neil Robertson beating him 3-2, but Murphy managed to crash Mark Williams 3-0, before losing again, this time 3-1 to Matthew Stevens.

However, his semi-final and final performances were more steady. So steady that Murphy didn't even let his first opponent, Mark Davis to pot one single ball. He used an incredible series of breaks like 95, 136 and 97 to put quite a show and end Davis' run with 3-0.

Unlucky Selby
The final was next and he was to meet his first rival, Mark Selby a player that qualified in both Group One and Two on first place, but as future would show it, lost in the play-offs stage.

The first frame saw Shaun clearing the table with a marvellous 120, his beautiful cue action bringing him the following one as well, after hitting a break of 82.

Runs of 30 and 42 were the ones that sealed Murphy's 3-0 victory over Mark Selby, victory that sets the 2005 world champion next to Judd Trump (winner of Group One) into the Winners' Group.

At the end of the day four players have got a free pass to Group Three where they hope to collect as many points as possible, their names being: Mark Selby, Mark Davis, Neil Robertson and Matthew Stevens.

At the opposite corner, Stuart Bingham and Mark Williams are out of the Championship League, failing to earn enough points to stay in the race for a place in this year's Premier League.

Here are Group Two list of results:


Mark Selby 3-1 Shaun Murphy
Mark Williams 3-2 Neil Robertson
Mark Selby 3-1 Mark Davis
Neil Robertson 0-3 Stuart Bingham
Mark Selby 3-2 Matthew Stevens
Mark Davis 3-0 Stuart Bingham

Mark Davis 3-1 Matthew Stevens
Stuart Bingham 1-3 Shaun Murphy
Matthew Stevens 2-3 Mark Williams
Shaun Murphy 3-0 Mark Davis
Mark Williams 0-3 Stuart Bingham
Neil Robertson 3-2 Matthew Stevens


Shaun Murphy 2-3 Neil Robertson
Matthew Stevens 3-1 Stuart Bingham
Mark Selby 3-2 Stuart Bingham
Mark Williams 0-3 Mark Davis

Mark Selby 3-2 Mark Williams
Neil Robertson 3-2 Mark Davis
Mark Williams 0-3 Shaun Murphy
Mark Selby 3-1 Neil Robertson
Shaun Murphy 1-3 Matthew Stevens


Mark Selby 3-1 Neil Robertson
Shaun Murphy 3-0 Mark Davis

Mark Selby 0-3 Shaun Murphy

Snooker Championship League is returning from January 23-26 with Group Three and Four.