Championship League 2012 - Robertson does it again

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Robertson cashes one more victory
Neil Robertson beat Mark Selby 3-2 to become the winner of Championship League's Group Three.  

This victory comes two days after the Australian player conquered the Masters crown from Ally Pally.

He seems unstoppable. He's winning matches after matches and takes pleasure in marking one victory after, another. Tonight it was Champions League's Group Three, but what would come up next?

After qualifying in the play-offs of Group Three, Neil Robertson beat Matthew Stevens 3-2, minutes after that repeating the performance and taking down world number one, Mark Selby.

During the past two days, Robertson hammered Stephen Hendry 3-1, beat Matthew Stevens 3-2 only to return on a 3-1 note while facing Martin Gould and Jamie Cope.

"The Thunder from Down Under" has now a pretty comfortable place in the Winners' Group where Judd Trump and Shaun Murphy have previously landed after winning their groups’ finals.

Selby - kind of unlucky
A very interesting fact that I should mention is that Mark Selby, the runner-up of tonight's final, is a very unlucky fellow. He started his Championship League journey right from the beginning of it with Group One and he has always reached the play-off. 

But what's even amazing is that he's always qualified for them on first place. Still, that didn't seem to matter one single bit as the Leicester man got defeated each time.

First he lost 3-1 in the semi-final to Judd Trump, then he was whitewashed 3-0 in the final of Group Two by Shaun Murphy. So when will the sun start to shine on Selby's street? Maybe as he enters Group Four matches?

In a far worse position than him are Martin Gould and Stephen Hendry who didn't get enough points to remain in the competition, hence being disqualified from it.

Tomorrow, Group Four matches are starting and below you can check the schedule:

11am - Mark Selby v. Matthew Stevens
12.15pm - Mark Allen v. Stephen Lee
Not before 2pm - Matthew Stevens v. Mark Davis
3.15pm - Stephen Lee v. Peter Ebdon
Not before 6pm - Matthew Stevens v. Jamie Cope
7.15pm - Mark Davis v. Peter Ebdon

11am - Mark Davis v. Jamie Cope
12.15pm - Peter Ebdon v. Mark Selby
Not before 2pm - Jamie Cope v. Mark Allen
3.15pm - Mark Selby v. Mark Davis
6pm - Mark Allen v. Peter Ebdon
7.15pm - Stephen Lee v. Jamie Cope

*all hours are UK time