It's shoot-out snooker time!

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Get your pistols ready!Shoot!
Last year the Snooker Shoot-Out tournament was brought into day light with Nigel Bond starring in the champion's role after three days of seeing the Top 64 players into action. 

It was a breath of fresh air that combined elements from classical snooker with some Premier League rules and a bit of Power Snooker as well.

Now it's time for the second edition, so starting this Friday and ending on Sunday night, the current occupants of the Top 64 will cross their cues in order to get the most of every pot. With the to sponsor the event and with the winner taking home a check of £32,000, this announces to be one hell of a ride for the baize's gladiators.

The rules are simple: one-frame that lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, a shot-clock that lets you take 20 seconds to make a move in the first 5 minutes of the frame then being reduced to 15 seconds for the last 5 minutes of it, each player must hit a cushion, the object ball or pot a ball with every shot, fouls result in ball-in-hand (that can be placed anywhere on the table) and if by any chance at the end of the frame the players are on a tie, the blue ball is re-spotted and the first one to pot it wins the frame.

Nigel Bond is defending champion
Although this isn't by far good old fashioned snooker, it has its charm for it represents one of the few tournaments to feature the names Top 64 players. It's the fans' chance to see faces that until now have been quite a mystery but above all these, to see those players in action. 

I personally remember last year's edition when I saw Jimmy Robertson. Never in my life had I seen his face or see him play. So when he qualified a few months later for the Crucible, it was really nice to see a familiar face from outside of the Top 16.

Besides that it's good fun to see the players a bit more relaxed, wearing t-shits (even the referees do their job by leaving their fancy suits at home) and to actually have fun by playing as well as interact with the audience.

So, without any further ado, here's tomorrow's match schedule:


Robert Milkins v. Nigel Bond

Mark Williams v. Steve Davis

Ali Carter v. Matthew Stevens

Stephen Maguire v. Anthony McGill

Graeme Dott v. Alan McManus

Stuart Bingham v. Liu Song

John Higgins v. Judd Trump

Gerard Greene v. Jamie Burnett

Ken Doherty v. Michael Holt

Tom Ford v. Jimmy Robertson

Mark Selby v. Joe Perry

Mark Allen v. Rory McLeod

Martin Gould v. Peter Ebdon

Anthony Hamilton v. Jimmy White

Mark Davis v. Mark Joyce

Stephen Lee v. Peter Lines

TV coverage:

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