Let's hear it for Hendry!

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The one and only Stephen Hendry
Today we celebrate Stephen Hendry who's turning 43. The seven-time world champion saw the light of day in Scotland's Edinburg, but back then very few knew he will rock around the snooker table for a living and change the way we look at this amazing cue sport named snooker.

Each time I have to talk about a huge sportsman words seem empty mainly because what more can you say about such a personality? His achievements, his titles, his maximum breaks, his cracking shots, his entire career speak from itself.

We all know he's the youngest player to ever conquer a world championship crown at the age of 21 and three months, we all know he's one hell of a player, we all know he is "Crucible’s King" because he won the title seven times, we all know he's the guy that put an end to Steve Davis' dominancy over the 80s and ruled the 90s and we are all well aware of the fact that right now, he's not the player he used to be back in the hey-day.

But above all these ups and downs (which blimey! are normal in each career), stands a man that has dedicated his entire life to sport. Ambitious, dedicated, talented, passionate, strong and with a great character - these are perfect words to describe Hendry. And also a nice bum, but that's another story.

At the beginning of October 2011, Hendry slipped out of Top 16 for the first time since 1989, but that didn't stop him to qualify for the UK Championship, or to reach the semi-final of Players Tour Championship Event 12 a few days ago and give us hope that he can still win a snooker event (he hasn't done it since 2005, when he won Malta Cup).

A sparkle of geniality that refuses to give up and keeps on doing what's destined to do, still causing upsets, still making the crowd go crazy with excitement. I wonder how many players can say that? Very few I believe.

Hendry remains for many players and fans a mentor and a role model of keeping your chin up and starting from zero when the situation requires it.

Today it's the Master's birthday, so let's hear it for Stephen Hendry: Happy birthday, champ!